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May 26 2019
Said the ambassador of Ivory Coast in Pardis Technology Park;
May 26 2019
Said the Senior Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine in his visit from Pardis Technology Park;


General and Legal Advantages:

-20 years tax exemption for established companies' annual function, starting from the very beginning of issuing permit which is done by PTP's management system

-Salary payment tax exemption for personnel of PTP's established member companies

-Exemption from all regular custom duties of country

-Granting "Operating License", "Establishment Permission" and also permission to work out within 120 km of Tehran

-Exemption from custom duties and added value tax for importing equipment, related to the specialized field of activity (in near future)

-Profiting from legal benefits of foreign investment in accordance with free trade zones

-Profiting from the unique opportunities of PTP, as the only park which is dependent on "Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology", managed by a board of trustees headed by the First Deputy of President with the membership of some ministers in it

-Profiting from having no tender procedures in PTP's contracts with other governmental organizations

-Increase the technical rating of company in tender offers

-Companies' and their personnel's noncomplying from the regular labor law in the country

-Magnificent and attractive scenery of the city

-Certain land transfer with suitable price and urban infrastructure

-Profiting from the opportunity of visiting and having interaction with internal and external delicate of PTP

-Presenting the achievements and products of the companies in permanent exhibition of PTP's advanced products

-The prevailing security over urban space of PTP

-The possibility for PTP member companies to get the license for establishment and operating from Food and Drug Administration

-Relationship with knowledge-based companies with High-Tech products that are active in different fields of technology and there is possibility to make synergy between them

-To participate in unofficial banquets of PTP which make the possibility to get acquainted with other companies' CEOs

Different Services Available in PTP:

-Services for marketing and technology transfer via "Techmart Center" deployed in PTP

-Services for "New Technologies Development Fund" (facilities, guaranty, leasing, investment, etc.) deployed in PTP

-Services for export which is presented by "Iranian Technology Export Management Company" deployed in PTP

-Supporting the commercialization of ideas and designs

-Supporting the national and international patenting

-Supporting the national and international trademark registration

-Supporting the participation in "Training Courses" held up by PTP

-Supporting the Feasibility Study (FS) to use financial facilities

-Supporting to obtain national and international standard certificates and confirmations

-Supporting to implement the financial accounting system

-Supporting to benefit from accepted brokers' consultancy services

-Supporting to implement the thesis of Master of education student in order to eliminate the special necessities

-Supporting the students internship in knowledge-based and technological units

-Supporting to implement the research contracts of the member companies in PTP with real persons

-Supporting to sign contracts for buying technology (technical knowledge) from foreign countries and transferring them into the country

-Supporting to participate in foreign technology tours

-Helping to modeling the research findings in order to commercialize them

-Supporting to participate in national and international trade exhibitions

-Services for foreign trade and custom duties

-Services for training, accounting and auditing

-Professional services related to sell and buy bond

-Services for assessment, feasibility and rating the technology and design

-Services for quality management and systematizing the knowledge-based companies

-Legal services related to technology (Office of Dispute Resolution for knowledge-based companies)

-International cooperation and consultancy, export services and participation in national and international exhibitions

-Having opportunity to benefit from holding national and international Technology Tours

-Profiting from the participation in International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX)

Urban and General Facilities available in PTP:

-"Consumer Cooperative Company" in PTP

-"Seraj Conference Hall" with capacity of 120 persons

-"Amphitheatre Hall" with capacity of 280 persons

-Meeting rooms with capacities up to 30 persons

-Treatment (health) Centre services

-Taxi Services

-Soil Mechanics Laboratory

-Governmental Electronics Services Office/Logistic Services Office

-Services for Food Preparation and Cook

-Services for creation and maintenance of green spaces

-Services for computer and network security

-Services for water supply

-Dental Services Centre

-Bank and ATM of National Bank of I.R. of Iran

-Bank and ATM of bank loan of Resalat (RQ Bank)

-ATM of Pasargad Bank


-Mechanized collection and transportation of waste

-Services for transportation

-Dana's Insurance Agency

-Services for performance and maintenance of buildings installation

-Technical and Engineering Office


-Providing Manpower

-Providing building and industrial tools

-Vending machine

-Swimming pool and sauna

-Sport competitions and welfare services (football, volleyball, ping pong, dart, track and field, mountain climbing, etc.)