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Apr 15 2019
Innovation and Technology Ecosystem under INOTEX's Ceiling;
Apr 15 2019
With the presence of the staff managers and personnel;

Board of Trustees

Legal Members

Dr. Esagh Jahangiri
Dr. Sorena Sattari
Mahdi Safarinia

I. R. Iran President First Deputy
and chairman of the Board of Trustees
I. R. Iran President Deputy for S&T
and vice chairman of the Board

President of PTP
and Secretary of Board of Trustees

Dr. MohammadReza Moghaddam
Dr. MohammadBagher Nobakht
Dr. Sayed Ali Akramifar
Oil & gas Ministry Deputy
for Research and Technology

representative of I.R Iran Vice President
Strategic Planning and Supervision

President of Center for
Innovation and Technology Cooperation

Dr. Vahid Ahmadi
Dr. Mohammad Khazayi
Dr. Mahmoud Fotoohi
Vice Minister for Research and Technology
Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

President of
Organization for Investment Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran

Sharif University of Technology

Natural Members

Dr. Saeed Sohrabpoor
Dr. Behzad Soltani
Dr. Mahmoud Sheikhzeinoddin
Vice President

The Board Chairman

Deputy for Innovation and Commercialization
National Elites Foundation
and member of I.R. Iran Academy of Sciences
Innovation Fund

I.R. Iran Presidency Deputy for S&T

Dr. Majid Ghasemi
Dr. Ali Vatani
Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi
Managing Director
Deputy for Technology Development
Pasargad Bank
I.R. Iran Presidency Deputy for S&T
Communications and Information Technology