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Dec 04 2017
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Dec 04 2017
One of the goals of TIM 2017 was obtained;

Central Complexes

Central Complex

Pardis Technology Park (PTP) Central Complex with an area of 30968 sq m. comprises three parts:

  •  Seraj administrative complex building
  •  Techmart complex building
  •  General Facility Complex


Seraj administrative building

It includes four sections namely A, B, C and B1 which is totally around 9452 sq m. which has been completed. Sections B, C and B1are used as administrative sections of PTP and section A forms the Multi-Tenant Building (MTB) allocated for MTB type companies (tenant member companies)

Techmart complex

Techmart complex conforms section D, parking space and exhibition that totally occupy 11462 sq m. area.

General Facility Complex

General Facility complex includes five sections called E1 to E5 and has over 10054 sq m. Excavation stage has been completed and foundation concrete casting in E5 has been finished.