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May 26 2019
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Mustafa Science and Technology Prize:

Mustafa Science and technology Prize (hereafter referred to as The Prize) is looking forward to creating a platform in which scientists and technologists of Islamic Countries can present their latest achievements besides exploring new ways to increase scientific and technological interaction and collaboration in Islamic world. The Prize shall be held and awarded by Pardis Technology Park.

Objectives and Approaches:


  • To introduce the scientific and high technological achievements of technologists and scientists of Islamic Countries
  • To recognize scholars and technology owners of the Islamic countries as well as to encourage Muslim scientists to generate science and technology
  • To strengthen the position of science and technology in Islamic world and to increase synergy and convergence among Muslim scientists
  • To provide a platform for interaction and knowledge sharing among Muslim scholars in order to create new Islamic civilization and produce relevant scientific theories by removing the monopolization of science and technology in the world
  • To make policy for collective movement and to create common scientific cooperation in Islamic world
  • To increase the role of Islamic countries in international equations through introducing the Prize as a significant symbol of academic merit and excellence in the world 




Titles and prizes:

For the first round of the Prize, following prizes shall be awarded to the state of the art proposals in the specialized fields of


  • Life Science and Medical
  • Nano Science and Technology
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Top Muslim Scientist project


The Prize to the top Muslim Scientist project shall be awarded without any subject limitation or geographical constraints to an individual or a research team who has made a special and unique discovery for the advancement of science at the global level in a specialized field of science and technology.

Prize winners (an individual or research team) in all the above mentioned fields shall receive a cash amount of 500,000 USD, Mustafa Medal and Certificate of Appreciation.

Eligibility Criteria for Applicants:


  • Having the nationality of one of the Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation or Islamic Societies is mandatory for the applicants who apply under the aforementioned specialized fields of "a”, "b”, and "c”. They should provide the Prize secretariat with their nationality documents in addition to other required documents.
  • Just being a Muslim is enough to be eligible to apply for the prize under the category "d” and having the nationality of the Muslim countries is not mandatory.
  • It is necessary for the nominating institutes to identify and introduce eligible individuals and fill out all applicants forms completely and accurately and submit them to the Prize Secretariat.
  • Applicants cannot submit their proposals ‘in person’. Each applicant must submit his/her proposal in one of the aforementioned specialized fields only through one of the nominating institutes to the Prize secretariat.



Nominating Institutes:


  • Designated universities and scientific research centers (Please refer the Prize’s website for more details)
  • Institutions and Centers of science and technology (Please refer the Prize’s website for more details)
  • Academies of science of the Islamic countries (Please refer the Prize’s website for more details)
  • Designated science and technology parks (Please refer the Prize’s website for more details)
  • The laureates of previous periods (second period hence)



Note 1: Each nominating institute can only introduce ONE proposal in any designated specialized fields to the Prize Secretariat.

Note 2: Observing Note 1, each nominating institute can introduce by itself a proposal to the Prize Secretariat and submit the required supplementary documents.

Note 3: The Prize secretariat shall conduct initial review and evaluation of the eligibility of the submitted proposals, supplementary documents, applicants and their nominating institutes. Eligible proposals that can meet the general requirements of the prize shall be preceded to the final review stage.

Prize Referees:

The panel of judges to conduct the final review in each specialized field shall consist experts from Iran, OIC countries and Muslims from other countries who shall be introduced by the Prize secretariat and shall be confirmed by the Policy Making Council of the Prize.

Referees shall review eligible proposals by the following three main and important criteria;


  • To carry a remarkable innovation
  • To provide novel methods in science and technology
  • The scientific background of the applicant/applicants should be quite relevant to the field of the proposal


Time and Venue of the Prize Event:

Prize event shall be held on a day between 12-17 Rabi’ Awwal 1436 (Hijri Calendar), 4-9 January 2015 by the presence of referees, nominees, scholars and high ranked Muslim Countries' officials and authorities in Tehran, Iran. In a splendid ceremony as the main part of the event, final prize winners shall be awarded.

Moreover, "Islamic Countries Science and Technology Festival” shall be held as a five-day event on the side line of the Prize event programs.

Policy making Council:

President of Policy making Council: I.R.I Presidency Deputy for Science and Technology

Secretariat of Policy making Council: president of Pardis Technology Park

Other Members of the Council:

Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution

I.R. Iran Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

I.R. Iran Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Science

I.R. Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Education and Research Commission of Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis) of I.R. Iran

Health Commission of Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis) of I.R. Iran

Academy of Sciences of I.R. Iran

Academy of Medical Sciences

Islamic Culture and Relations Organization

University of Tehran

Sharif University of Technology

Al-Mustafa International University

Islamic Development Bank

Islamic Academy of Science

University of Karachi, Pakistan

University of Malaya, Malaysia

Note: The Prize Secretariat can invite the presidents of other Universities of Islamic World to attend the Policy making council’s sessions as observant members.

Important dates and deadlines:

Call for the prize: 14 Jan 2014

Review and evaluation of the received proposals by nominating institutes and announcing the eligible proposal:22 May 2014

Deadline for selection and submitting the eligible proposals to the Prize secretariat by Nominating Institutes:12 Jul 2014

Call for the Islamic Countries Science and Technology Festival and announcement of requirement for applicants:21 Apr 2014

Initial review of the submitted proposals by the Prize secretariat:12 Jul 2014

Final review and announcement of the Prize nominees:23 Aug 2014

Deadline for submitting the announcement of readiness to participate in the Islamic Countries Science and Technology Festival:23 Aug 2014

Taking preliminary actions to hold the festival and coordinate guests’ participation in the Prize awarding ceremony:23 Aug 2014-22 Dec 2014

Holding the Festival and the Prize awarding ceremony:4 Jan 2015- 9 Jan 2015


The prize secretariat works every day from 10:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. (Local Time) 7:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. (Greenwich Mean Time) and look forward to receiving your kind suggestions, ideas and questions. More information is now available on;

You can contact secretariat through the following ways;

Tel: +98-21-76250250

Fax: +98-21- 76250100

Email: info@

The Prize Secretariat: Pardis Technology Park

Postal address: Seraj Technology Center, Pardis Technology Park, Km.20, Damavand Road, Tehran, Iran