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May 26 2019
Said the ambassador of Ivory Coast in Pardis Technology Park;
May 26 2019
Said the Senior Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine in his visit from Pardis Technology Park;

PTP Council

Tasks of the Park’s Council

Based on the statute of the Park, the Park’s Council should undertake the following tasks:

1- Adoption of policies and priorities of the Park within the framework of strategies adopted by the board of trustees

2- Adoption of strategies for establishing incubator centers for technological companies, science and technology service centers and other centers so deemed necessary

3- Adoption of regulations for admittance of foreign companies and institutions in line with the objectives of the park

4- Adoption of regulations for receiving financial assistance and credits for member companies and institutions both for domestic and foreign entities based on the regulations adopted by the board of trustees

5- Formulation of domestic regulations for the Council

Composition of the Park’s Council

Based on the statute of the Park, the Council is composed of the following members:

Legal Members

1- President of PTP (Chairman of the Council)

2- PTP Technology Affairs of the Park Director (Secretary of the Council)

3- PTP Procurement Affairs Director

4- PTP Techmart Director

*Actual Members

5- Representative from technology units

6- Representative from the executive bodies or industrial sector in the region

7- Expert in S&T Parks

8- Research Director from one of Tehran universities

*Based on the statute of the Park, the actual members of the Park’s Council are recommended by the CEO of the Park and are appointed for a period of two years by Vice Chairman of the board of trustees (Deputy President of the Islamic Republic of Iran for science and technology).

Substantial ratifications adopted by the Park’s Council

1- Domestic regulations of the Park’s Council

2- Regulations for establishing units at the Pardis Technology Park (to besubmitted to the board of trustees)

3- Regulations for utility payment of the PTP

4- Regulations for establishing incubators affiliated to the PTP (to be submitted to the board of trustees

5- Instructions for issuing technology permit and conditions for its extension

6- Regulations for holding elections of the representatives of the technology companies in the urban committees

7- Instructions for production at the Park

8- Instructions for exploitation from commercialization supports at the Park

9- Instructions for submission of non-governmental buildings

10- Instructions for performance evaluation of technology companies, as members of the PTP