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May 26 2019
Said the ambassador of Ivory Coast in Pardis Technology Park;
May 26 2019
Said the Senior Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine in his visit from Pardis Technology Park;

Pardis New S&T Town

Formulating a comprehensive and applicable plan for the elites of country is part of the major concerns of the senior officials of country and there is a close competition for attracting and preserving elites among countries or even in different regions of one country. In many advanced countries this rivalry is clearly visible, so establishing science and technology parksand towns are part of such attempts.

Considering the impact of technology in the global economy and the foresight of technology in economic growth, there is great emphasis on creating technology development areas more than ever before.

The role that such science and technology parks play is so wide and comprehensive that in many countries these parks play a significant role in creating large towns and regions. Many of the existing towns have moved towards defining new missions such as science and technology, promotion, such as the ones in Canada, Germany and France.

Currently, creating a complete package for the elites which could comprise of adequate employment conditions, good and creative living environment together with good entertainment and high quality services are part of the priorities of such towns. In addition, there is the opportunity of continuing higher education as part of the needs of the elites.

In view of the twenty year vision for country’s access to top scientific and technological level in the region and also the strong will of the authorities to deal with problems of the elites in having good access to the professional activities, in particular, for Iranian experts living abroad, it was deemed necessary to establish Pardis Technology Park (PTP) through collaboration with Ministry of Housing which after many expert meetings, the initiative was adopted by the state visits.