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May 26 2019
Said the ambassador of Ivory Coast in Pardis Technology Park;
May 26 2019
Said the Senior Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine in his visit from Pardis Technology Park;


Technology Business Development Center (TechBiz)

With regard to the objectives of Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology for commercialization of technological achievements and innovation in the developments of knowledge-based enterprises, the national scientific growth and the expansion of applicants and considering the valuable experiences of Pardis Technology Park (PTP) in the area of assessing, supporting and monitoring the innovative plans, Doctor Sattari, the Vice-President of Science and Technology, ordered Pardis Technology Park to cooperate with Entrepreneurship and Technological Company (as the executive) to establish and manage the Business Technology Development Center.

With the establishment of this center, due to the lack of need in allocating a physical space for the applicants and the usage of various agents and supporters, the possibility of servicing to a greater number of applicants will be provided.

The objectives

  • To accelerate the growth of technology-based enterprises to become knowledge-based enterprises
  • To provide consultations and services to transform new ideas to products and their commercialization
  • To continue monitoring of enterprises’ growth and to continue analyzing the achievements with the aim of increasing the efficiency
  • To monitor the activity of technology-based enterprises with the aim of assisting them in achieving their goals
  • To develop and to improve the performance of agents, supportersand technology service corridors