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May 26 2019
Said the ambassador of Ivory Coast in Pardis Technology Park;
May 26 2019
Said the Senior Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine in his visit from Pardis Technology Park;


Techmart means technology market, i.e. a place for technology exchange, just as other markets that are places for exchange such as housing market and real estate which deal with housing. Techmart also plays the role of a dealer for transferring information of a technology to clients, entrepreneurs and investors. They also offer consultation in the technology transfer process.

Because of the intricate features of technology transfer, a mechanism is required for information dissemination and consultation as well as paving grounds for standardization of exchange which are undertaken by Techmart. In fact, it plays the role of a intermediate at various levels besides the suppliers (universities, research institutes, R&D and industrial sectors) and clients for technology (large industries, small and medium enterprises, investors and even academia). With this definition it is said that Techmart is a professional agency for technology exchange. In this market the technologists can find an opportunity to display their ideas and technology and find market for their products. Moreover, the technology clients can also find an environment to fulfill their demands.

National Techmart of Iran, supervised by Pardis Technology Park and, as the sole reference of technology information of the country, has been established aiming to meet the information requirements of people who are engaged with commercializing technology and, technology exchange and also, to assist solving the problems of commercializing the innovations.

For the next step, the executing actions including; designing technology database, website, CD representing products and plan of Techmart building came into concern.

At the present time, National Techmart of Iran has been established as the first and the biggest technology database in the country and, has set the management of technology market as its main duty.

The goals of this Techmart are:

  • Providing information about technologies (supply, demand and technology services), high-tech products and also representing services and facilities in this field to the companies
  • Making the role of domestic technologies more prominent and, increasing their utilization in transactions
  • Providing consultation services in the form of representing services and facilities to companies and applicants, in order to accelerate the process of commercializing and transferring technology
  • Strengthening the capabilities of companies for development, transferring and utilizing modern technologies
  • Creating network of domestic and foreign colleagues of the Techmart