70 Robotics Team Competitions in Window Cleaning Robot Contest

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Given the growing residential and commercial towers in the metropolitan areas of our country, it seems imperative to find a new way to clean them.

According tothe Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, Given the fact that cleaning exterior cladding of high-rise buildings has always been associated with many financial costs and casualties and any domestic commercialized sample for cleaning them has not been built yet, a competition for design and production of window cleaning robot was held as the first applied robotics competition in the country. Providing support for the best window cleaning robots and their application in the industry with the support of Pardis Technology Park in cooperation with Vice-presidency for Science and Technology are among the purposes of the competition.

At the opening ceremony of Window Cleaning Robot Contest, Deputy for Technology Development in Pardis Technology Park said: our goal is to develop a comprehensive and efficient system for taking the bright idea (an idea) to market.[c1]

Hossein Saberi continued: It is a very new topic that is underway for nearly two years. In fact, through SADAF system i.e. "Industry, University and Technology", we try to create university-industry relations and introduce those involved in the area[c2]; offer job opportunities in a way that employers looking for workforce can absorb their required personnel and provide such an appropriate platform that those who have problems can put forward their issues in the project and those who are responsive to them can come together and address their issues practically, not on a theoretical basis. I hope that as a result of our effort, we can proceed towards problem-solving and begin the process of solving the problem that is more important than the issue itself and solve more issues within the next year.

He added: the winners will receive a cash prize of 100 million Tomans and a prize of 200 million Tomans for the purchase of services at the Pardis Technology Park.

Executive Procedure

So far, 70 student and corporate teams have been registered in this competition. These teams will have the opportunity to submit their preliminary draft before March 6, 2018, to reach the second stage. The final stage will be held in July[c3] of 2018 and the top teams will be introduced.

Dr. Mahdi Tale Masuleh, Faculty Member of School of Electrical and Computer Engineering in University of Tehran; Dr. Hossein Nejat, Faculty Member of Sharif University of Technology; Farshad Khadivar involved in Robotics area; Mohsen Khajezadeh, Assistant Professor of Amirkabir University of Technology; Soroush Sadeghnejad, Member of the Board of Directors of International Federation of Robotics, are among the main referees of the window cleaning robot contest. They are responsible for evaluating the teams in terms of scientific technology and the possibility of their product commercialization. Top teams will be announced in July[c4] of 2018 to attend the final stage.

It is worth noting that there is any limitation to the construction of robots by the teams and the next stages will be held with the participation of overseas Iranian competitors and the international competitors as well.


اینجا به این صورت ترجمه شده و از نظر مترجم ملموس تر هست. عین ترجمه فارسی به صورت زیر است:

From idea to market


با تشکر


در ترجمه فرض بر این است که منظور معرفی افرادی هست که در حوزه برقراری ارتباط بین دانشگاه و صنعت فعالیت دارند. جمله فارسی ("افرادی که به دنبال آن هستند") واضح نیست و ترجمه تحت اللفظی آن به این صورت است:

And introduce those persons pursuit it[c2].




بسته به اینکه چه روزی از مرداد ماه باشه، هر دو ماه میلادی آگوست و ژولای ذکر شده.

با تشکر


The same as above

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