A Cooperative Party with Aroma of Hot Tea

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For different people from each social class and job category, the beginning of each season of the year can be a new start and a fresh motivation to progress and move towards their goals. Similarly, Pardis Technology Park will try to organize a friendly party without administrative formalities at any season, aiming at creating motivation for the beginning of a new working season and providing the opportunity for face-to-faceinteraction of individuals and corporate directors in a way that their friendly meetings provide the basis for joint projects and synergy.

The tea party which was held on cold days in late autumn hosted by Pardis Technology Park with the presence of managers of its member companies and the staff members of the park in a friendly atmosphere in Yas Innovation Center.

Managers in such a friendly atmosphere find the opportunity to meet together as well as PTP' managers. In this way, this possibility is available for them to talk about their issues and create new relationships with each other. This is while such strong sense of familiarity occurs only during performing joint projects and cooperation.

Taking advantage of the audiences' views and suggestions, Pardis Technology Park tries to increase the productivity of these programs. The park has already focused on companies' satisfaction with tea party which, fortunately, further attendance and participation of the participants in the 4thround in comparison with the previous times points to better structures and improved quality of the program.

Anyway, we kindly requested some of the managers of the member companies to make suggestions and give their constructive criticism about the program. Some of these friendly talks are presented as follows:

Constructive interaction and communication between companies at tea party

Somayeh Abulqasemi, executive director of Peromte Software Company, said: Constructive interaction and communication between companies is considered to be the main problem in technology parks which can be well managed and planned by performing such programs. Any member company can be a customer and a market for another company. Only, through such communication and familiarity, we can work together to achieve our goals.

My suggestion is that before holding this ceremony, a list of participants together with their performance description, be provided and made available. Hence, we can communicate and identify our partner companies and market in a more targeted way.

Familiarity with managers at tea party

Nima Amiri, Technical Director of Peromte Software Company, said: Tea party is a goodmarker of a successful event. Here, we can easily get acquainted with other managers and introduce ourselves and our services. The only problem with this program is our lack of familiarity with other audiences. Perhaps if we have a two-minute opportunity to introduce ourselves and our services, we can communicate better and build a more serious relationship.

Promoting synergy and opportunities among participants

Kamran Fattahi, Manager of Tehran Energy Consultants’ Manager of Portfolio, said: tea party provides two great opportunities for participants. Firstly, we have the opportunity to communicate with the officials and managers of the park, without official bureaucracies and the official atmosphere. In this way, we can directly share our problems with them. One of the reasons for our presence in spaces like Pardis Technology Park is promoting the synergy and cooperation opportunities with the technologists and innovators involved in the park. Accordingly, Tea party will give us this opportunity to pave the way for presence of innovative and technology companies in an attempt to create oil and gas exploration and production technologies in the country. Moreover, I would like to point out that if, like today, each round of tea party is hosted by one of the park-based companies, it will lead to a better acquaintance with the host company.

Providing the ground for cooperation between companies

Yahya Nourian, Director of FabLab, said: Creating communication between managers and members of various companies through tea party seems to be a very useful and accountable program. However, there is a problem that will have to be dealt with by providing the basis for the familiarity of those companies that are not familiar with each other. In such condition, in my opinion, it contributes to improving the quality of the program. In fact, since staff members of the park are familiar with the companies' activity areas, they can identify the cooperation areas between various companies and introduce them to each other.

Tea party with fruitful results

Safari, General Director of Faraz Compressor Company, said: Tea party has been always accompanied by fruitful results. In fact, it provides us with the opportunity to be well connected with senior managers of the park and so, we can raise and solve many of our problems in a friendly atmosphere during this event. It is my pleasure to have a special thanks to the head of Pardis Technology Park with his warm and intimate attendance in all ceremonies and his full knowledge about activities of companies and even people's spirit. His constructive relationship with the companies moderates the conventional formal and rigid workspace.

A Targeted program in line with the park's goals

Ali Panirian, General Director of Yas Innovation Center, hosted the current tea party and said: by pursuing different objectives and creating communication between companies, individuals, teams, ideas and managers, tea party is considered to be one of the purposeful and good programs in line with goals of the park to be synergistic and endogenous.

Given technology companies located at this center work in different and sometimes common areas, they can cooperate with each other in a productive way. We can get familiar with our partner company and create a strong and efficient relationship during such ceremonies which are holding without formalities and administrative hierarchy. Park can also guide these relationships by transferring experiences and creating effective communication.

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