A Device for Assembling Sensitive Parts

0 Mar 10 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

Researchers at Pardis Technology Park have succeeded in designing and manufacturing a device, called "Servpress", intended to compress or assemble sensitive parts.

According to Mehr News Agency, "Servpress" is used to press, compress, or assemble sensitive parts. For example, this device can be used for precise assembly of parts and the fitting of sealing parts such as radial shaft seals requiring exact size and angle relative to their location or the exploding- bridgewire detonators that require force control and simultaneous movement during assembling.

In addition, this device is used for compression of powder materials such as pharmaceutical tablets or prototyping of "Servpress" enjoying high-precision in controlling pressing parameters in a metallurgical laboratory[c1].

This device is designed by Ariana Modern Industry Company, a member of Pardis Technology Park. Its special software has the capability of adjusting the amount of force and high precision displacement. Moreover, it is capable of applying various forces and displacement with identifiable arrangements. The software also offers Chart drawing, storage and printing services.

Force-acting, planning for pressing with special arrangements, force capacities ranging from 10000-12000 kg, movement with the precision of 0.001 mm, force control with a precision of 0.1% of the nominal force, and speed control with an accuracy of 0.001% of the nominal speed are among the advantages of this device.

Only two American companies enjoy the technical knowledge to manufacture such device. The Iranian sample of this device has more capabilities, i.e. a station was embedded for quality control of assembly and fitting of the parts in the final stage.


در ترجمه فرض بر این است که دقت بالا در کنترل پارامترهای پرس به سروپرس برمیگرده.

اگر دقت بالا در کنترل پارامترهای پرس به آزمایشگاه برمیگرده، ترجمه به این صورت است:

prototyping of "Servpress" in a metallurgical laboratory that[c1] has high accuracy in controlling pressing parameters.

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