A Happy Day with Family at Pardis Technology Park

0 Oct 12 2017 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

Pardis Technology Park hosted the families of the member companies' researchers and employees, for the second time in this year.

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, despite usual working days on which each person spends working hours in his/her company, the program provided an opportunity for families to come to the workplace of their spouses or family members to get familiar with the Park environment and also use the various facilities and attend the program that were provided.

The officials of Pardis Technology Park have decided to devote PTP's space to the joyful and fun event "A Happy Day with Family" on some days of the year, to create a sense of intimacy between employees, researchers and their families, improve working temperament and acquaint families with the Park.

http://happyday.techpark.ir was launched and updated to hold the event "A Happy Day with Family" ideally, in August 2017. Free transfer services were also provided from two points Tehranpars and Nowbonyad to the Park, and vice versa, so that no one has problem for coming.

In this event, the booths "Flowers and Plants", "Radio", "Art, Painting and Creativity", "Balloon", "As-Sirāt Bridge", "Passage", "Sandy Castle", "The Unprecedented Race", "Read the Qur'an and Score", "Puppet Hijab", "How to Wear Shawl and Scarf", "Paper and Scissors", "Intiẓār Gallery" were set up, and the fields inflatable amusement park, rock climbing and jumping were welcomed by children and adolescents.

Two praised films "21 Days Later" and "Vilaieha" were played in two sessions that were welcomed by the audience.

"21 Days Later" is a film by Mohammadreza Kheradmandan that was played in 35th Fajr Film Festival and was considered by people and critics. "Vilaieha" is a starring film by Munir Gheidi that was also played in the festival.

Football competitions PES2017, ping-pong, darts, table football, for men and women and swimming pool only for men were the other programs. The winners of PES2017 were Ramyad Limouchi, who won a tablet, Shahin Koleyni and Hassan Hosseini, respectively.

At the end of event, a "Funny Meeting" by the participation of IRIB's artists, holding funny competitions and magical shows could draw the families' attention. At this meeting, great awards such as a tour to the Holy Mashhad, were awarded to participants by lot.

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