A Splendid Advancement Is Waiting for Pardis Technology Park and the Member Companies

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The Minister of Science, Technology and Research of Sri Lanka (MoSTR) said: "financial and welfare facilities which are accessible for PTP’s member companies could cause their development well. It seems a very great development and progress will happen in future years for the Park and the member companies.”

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, SusilPremajayantha, the Minister of Science of Sri Lanka stated declared visit from Pardis Technology Park: "I have visited various Science and Technology Parks around the world; in my view, the model which is implemented by Pardis Technology Park is considerable.”

He said about the complexes active in the Park: "Since there are Technology Development Centers and also some of the R&D Centers, the Park is a complete complex of technology activists which gathered at the Park.”

Premajayantha added: "the signs of appropriate management and organization could be seen at Pardis Technology Park; we were impressed by the Park.”

It is worth mentioning that the Minister of Science of Sri Lanka headed a high-ranked delegation consists of Director General of Technical Services of Industrial Technologies Institute and Director of International Affairs of the Ministry of Science of Sri Lanka visited Pardis Technology aiming the creation of new relationships at science and technology.

During the visit, the delegation visited Mapsa Company, settled in the lands section, and the permanent exhibition of PTP’s member companies’ achievements.

Edited On : Mar 14 2017

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