Appreciation of the Pioneers of Science and Technology of PTP

0 Mar 14 2017 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

For the 5th consecutive year, the pioneers of PTP’s science and technology arena were appreciated through a ceremony by the presence of PTP’s and companies’ staff.

This ceremony has been held since 2012 aiming the newly established firms get more familiar with the veterans and their success and also appreciating them hosted by Pardis Technology Park. This year, the Commercialization Complex’ Hall hosted a large number of CEOs, the Park’s managers and also some of the veterans’ families.

At first, a photo clip made of the previous rounds’ moments was played and made some memories alive for the audience. Then, Engineer Faripoor, CEO of Seraj Fanamouz Co. who was one of the last years’ veterans of the Park, was invited to give a speech about the Islamic Revolution’s achievements on the occasion of the Fajr Decade.

Eng. Feripour with expressive words mentioned the common feelings of all people present during the Islamic Revolution and said: "we are a nation, for the truth and seeking for our right. But, as some of our young people have not been through the Islamic Revolution, their understanding maybe different from that of ours. Anyhow, the common point between us, the veterans, is those days’ human emotions.”

In the following, he said some personal memories and continued: "we saw the Revolution and lived there, but maybe do not have a common or specific definition for it. Anyway, I feel that the Revolution was a complex of good people, who made the earth a paradise and were trying to reach a joint goal, with the utmost patience and forgiveness.

He also pointed to today’s weaknesses of the society and expressed: "two types of poverty are prevalent in the society; moral and scientific. In my opinion, we have to root out these poverties; on one hand, with ethical and epistemological behavior benefit each other, on the other hand, to help the country to become developed and progressed by gaining more knowledge and also to have a science-based view.”

In the following, Faripoor pointed to the role of knowledge-based centers and specially Pardis Technology Park as a substrate for spreading knowledge-based view in the country and said: "to be revolutionist and continue the Revolution, it is just enough for everybody to make the ethic and science-based action as his/her life’s frontispiece. If everybody does his/her task well and take the responsibility of his/her share for Iran’s prosperity, the country would be a heaven on the earth.”

In the next parts of the ceremony, the prizes of the sport and photography competitions were awarded to the winners, by Ali Rahnama, the supreme consultant of PTP’s president, Engineer Madjid Hassas, CEO of Alghadir Co. and Engineer Khan Ahmadi, internal manager of Pars Online.

Through the main part of the ceremony, three veterans of science and technology arena, Mahdi Ahmadi Aliabadi, Dr. Ramezani and S. Muhammad Hashemi, were appreciated by Engineer Mahdi Saffarinia, the Park’s president and the other officials.

Mahdi Ahmadi Aliabadi, one of the Park’s manager thanked the managers for holding the ceremony and continued: "I am not as much as being introduced as a veteran while the scholars of this arena are present. However, the veteran is usually a person who does not intend to continue the activity and creativity. While I know myself as a young man and there is a long way to be a veteran.”

Dr. Ramezani also declared: "we spent all of our energy and time for the Revolution of our country with passion and without any expectation. Research and development must be created in the country, also evolution, to wealth and work would be created. The Revolution is our child, even if he is disabled.”

S. Muhammad Hashemi thanked his friends, colleagues and PTP’s managers for holding such a ceremony and knowing him worthy for title "veteran”, and stated: "I always love to be the youngest in a group. I think my dream came true today and I was known as the youngest veteran of this complex. Making the relationship and interaction between the elites, researchers, and engineers of a country is one of the key issues to which a special attention must be paid in various workspaces.”

Performing traditional music by the group "Barman" was the ending part of this interesting program.

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