Converting Start-up Demo Events into a Pattern for attracting Investors

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The First Gas Industry Start-up Demo was held with the presence of more than 80 investors and 30 governmental entities in Morvarid hall of Tehran International Exhibitions Center on May 8th,2018.

As reported by Pardis Tech Park Public Relations Dept., this event was arranged with the purpose of attracting investors for technological plans of the newly-established companies in the field of gas industry, in which eight of those companies presented their plans and ideas. Finally, having hold B2B meetings, the technologists and the investors could get familiar with each other, and it was determined that the technologists perform the process of drawing up the contracts with the assistance of the pertinent brokers. The Director General of Iran National Technomart said, "Finalizing the contracts requires a minimum period of two months, so that, in the meantime, the parties can come to an agreement on issues such as the type of investment, the financial value of the contract and valuation.”

Formation of the Joint Committee between the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) and Pardis Tech Park

Mr. Saeid Pakdasht, director of research and technology of NIOC, said, "The majority of the products used in the gas industry, refineries and pipelines etc. are imported; however, today we can produce these products ourselves in Iran using modern technologies; so, in the joint committee of NIOC and Pardis Tech Park, conditions have been created so that these products are manufactured and supplied in the market after undergoing technical evaluations.

"This committee also intends to pave the way for the entry of innovative products into the market”, he added.

Stimulation of the Market Demand for Innovative Products

In the sidelines of the meeting, Mr. Pakseresht considered the 1st Event of Gas Industry Start-up Demo as a successful experience and he asserted that the authorities of the NIOC are looking for modern solutions for businesses in the field of Gas Industry so that they can make major changes in the organization.

Director of research and technology of NIOC added, "Today, old and traditional methods are not responsive to the business with high added-value anymore. Since currently, the focus is on getting use to the national capabilities, we must leap toward new methods in a transformational manner. In this regard, holding Start-up Demo events are turning points in order to reach this objective.

Mr. Pakseresht emphasized that "We are doing our best effort to convert Gas Industry Start-up Demo into a pattern, and we must bear in mind whether there is any demand for innovative products or not! And in case there is no demand for this kind of products, we must somehow stimulate the demand section with various procedures.”

Director of research and technology of NIOC stated that "We are prone to take advantage of the sovereignty of the NIOC’s capabilities in order to facilitate the relations and regulations and to stimulate demand. Whereas this was the 1st Gas Industry Specialized Start-up Demo, we hope it would be a good pattern for other fields of technology.

Unveiling New Events in the Current Year

Me. Seyed Mohammadreza Hosseini, the Managing Director of Iranian International Technomart, in an interview with the reporter of Pardis Tech Park News Website said that, "The main purpose of the formation of Iranian International Technomart has been the attraction of capital and investor in knowledge-based and innovative fields of technology, and the greatest focus of this company will be attracting investors for the companies located in Pardis Tech Park.”

He further added, "This year, we have had an innovation in holding Start-up Demo events, and unlike the previous years in which there were plans from various fields, this year, the events are held exclusively in different fields such as Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, chemical industries, cosmetics etc.

Mr. Hosseini said, "Now with the assistance of the accelerators as well as the science and tech parks, the operation of knowledge-based companies and the conversion cycle of new ideas into wealth have been facilitated. In the next step, these knowledge-based companies and start-ups should join the investors and industries, whose liability has been accepted by the Iranian International Technomart to act as a mediator.”

The Managing Director of Iranian International Technomart noted that "Since the two issues of currency imports and national production has come to the fore by the senior governmental authorities, the excellence of attending such events has become twofold. Thus new events are going to be unveiled in the coming year, and they will be more innovative than ever before i.e. executive excellences are also have been paid attention to besides the contents of the events.

Different Models of Cooperation between the Start-ups and the Investors

Mr. Masoud Kazemian, the senior expert of Gas Industry Technomart in the NIOC, in the sidelines of the meeting asserted that, "In this meeting, there are 80 investors and 30 governmental entities of the NIOC, the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company, the Ministry of Petroleum, the Science and Technology Deputy of the President as well as Pardis Tech Park.”

He added, "Around 35 Start-ups have shown interest to take part in this event, of which 25 companies have been chosen based on the primary evaluation, then through the 2nd evaluation, a number of 16 companies and then 8 companies were selected; however, one of the latter companies was removed from the list because it did not show up in the empowerment meetings.”

Mr. Kazemian further added that "There are various cooperation models for the investors and the technologists, and many investors have already expressed their interest in buying stocks and interacting with these companies. After this meeting, we will have B2B meetings, during which the pertinent brokers will write down the negotiations and they will keep company with the technologists until drawing up the final contracts.

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