Deploying the First Jihadi Group of Pardis Technology Park to the Flood-Hit Zones

0 May 26 2019 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

In a spontaneous movement and in the form of a team consisting of 30 members, the Jihadi group of Pardis Technology Park was deployed to the deprived villages of Lorestan province in order to assist our flood-hit countrymen for four days.

According to the Public Relations Dept. of Pardis Technology Park, at the same time with the birthday commemoration of Imam Zaman (PBUH), in their first step in the form of a team consisting of 30 members and with focus on treatment, veterinary medicine, construction, installations and technical affairs, the Jihadists of Pardis Technology Park were deployed to the flood-struck villages of Veisian and Mamoulan.

In this Jihadi tour, the Jihadists of Pardis Technology Park gave a visit to the families of the victims and the disabled people injured in the flood disaster and they offered medical examinations, nursing services, construction activities, clearing and demudding the houses and distributing cash and non-cash gifts to the flood-hit villagers.

This spontaneous action, which took place with the cooperation of a group of the staff personnel, specialists and employees of the companies of the Park, set the milestone for the establishment of Pardis Technology Park’s Jihad of Construction Foundation, so that we can stably thrive for the elimination of deprivation and resolution of the challenges of the sufferers of natural disasters by exploiting and depending on the products as well as the technical knowledge of the member companies and any other tech and knowledge-based company outside the park.

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