Energy Techno-Vest was Held

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The second round of the event "Techno-Vest” was held by the PTP’s Center for Technology Services and Commercialization in the field of energy and with the aim of attracting investors and supporting the development of member companies’ plans.

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, Technovest is held seasonally-each time in one specialized field. Technovest was held for the 1st time in the field of health. The 2nd round was held in the field of energy by representing 4 proposals and participation of 12 investment companies’ representatives.

Ahmad Asgari, head of the PTP’s Center for Technology Services and Commercialization explained more about the event: "According to the need of the Park’s companies for financial supports to implement knowledge-based proposals, as well as the interest of investors to cooperate in the field of technology, Pardis Technology Park has defined the event to attract capital for the Park’s member companies.”

He pointed out the achievements of the 1st round of the event and said: "5 proposals were presented by member companies at Health Technovest which was held in January 2017, of which 2 proposals are at the level of final negotiations for making contracts worth IRR 10 billion.”

Asgari said about how to hold the event in different areas: "the areas would be identified based on the capacities of the Park’s companies and the plans that actually have the potential for commercialization and presentation to the investor. We will hold two other events in the fields of health and IT in the current year.”

In the following, head of the PTP’s Center for Technology Services and Commercialization mentioned the proposals presented in the events and added: "the proposals we receive from the Park’s member companies are evaluated in terms of technology, market, financial conditions and investor’s view so that they can receive the most positive feedback from the investors.”

He also said about the upcoming plans they consider for development of this event: "Venture Capital Funds, pension funds and investment holding companies have been invited to the event by now. We intend to invite artisans and customers of each area as an investor for upcoming events.”

It is noteworthy that the four proposals presented at the event were as follows:

- Laboratory and Core & Fluid Analysis Services by Tehran Energy Consultants Company

- Gas sweetening by Azma Oil Company

- Water desalination by MAPSA Company

- Automatic drainage system of hydrocarbon reserves by KaraFan Pardaz Mana Company

Each company’s representative had a 20-minute opportunity for presenting the proposal and its details. Afterward, 20 minutes were given to the investee companies’ managers for answering the questions raised by the investors.

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