Establishment Celebration of Tosan Tajhiz Company at Pardis Technology Park

0 Mar 14 2017 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

Tosan Tajhiz Medical Engineering Company started its activity in the field of production of hospital and medical equipment at 1999 and invented and manufactured several detergents and disinfectant devices for reduction of nosocomial infections and upholding hygiene in health care centers.

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, this company has just settled at the Park down and held a celebration with the presence of managers and officials of the organization related to the country’s medical equipment field, PTP’s managers, and families of its staff at the Park’s conference center.

Dr. Bigdeli, Director General of the country’s Medical Equipment Administration, while congratulating Fajr Decade said about Tosan Tajhiz Company: "the company’s products have helped the health community so much toward control nosocomial infections and reduction of mortality.”

Bigdeli meanwhile appreciating professional work ethic, mentioned the importance of this issue for the country’s manufacturer and added: "there is an annual turnover of more than $750.000.000 in the field of medical equipment indicating the importance of this issue needs much more attention than before.”

Director General of the country’s Medical Equipment mentioned the necessity of paying attention to export of medical equipment and stated: "to move toward global production and entering international markets should be one of the most important goals of the manufacturers; it is the issue of which has been paid less attention till now so that despite being near to 450 medical equipment manufacturer in the country, only 40 companies export their products.”

Engineer Afshin Sadrabadi, CEO of Tosan Tajhiz Medical Engineering Co. meanwhile welcoming the officials and guests, appreciated the managers and impressive persons of the company.”

Visit from various parts of the R&D office of Tosan Co. was the ending part of this event.

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