Fifty two Knowledge based Products of Pardis Technology Park to be exported to twelve Countries acro

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Head of Pardis Technology Park made remarks on the 24-million dollar exports of the Companies located in the Park and said, "In this regard, 52 knowledge-based products of our companies have been exported to 12 countries.”

Having enumerated the fact that the members of Pardis Technology Park have reached 258 companies, Mehdi Safarinia added that, "93 companies out of the entire 258 companies are part of the property-owned areas, 47 companies in the leased area, 50 companies in the Incubators area and 25 companies in the startup accelerators area of the Park” Isna News Agency reported today in the 16th Annual Conference And the Festival of the Best of Pardis Technology Park.

Mr. Safarinia expressed that some 40 companies are located as brokers in the Center for Business Development of Pardis Technology Park and noted that, "the companies located in this Park has had 24 million dollars exports in 2017.”

According to Mr. Safarinia, 52 knowledge-based products were exported to 12 companies across the world in the previous year.

Head of Pardis Technology Park referred to the 21% growth of the incomes of the Park and underlined that, "besides, we experienced a 13% growth in the human resource section of the member Companies and we expect that there we will have some 7000 new personnel employed in this innovation center after the full settlement of the member companies.”

Mr. Safarinia noted that about 177 billion Rials have been spent in the Research and Development section of the Park and said, "In addition to that, some 652 billion Rials have been recently invested in the Park.”

Having referred to the cooperation of Pardis Technology Park with the universities as the other measures of this Innovation Center, head of Pardis Technology Park reminded that, "120 graduates of the universities as well as 62 university professors were employed at Pardis Technology Park in the previous year.”

Mr. Safarinia said, "Some 28 university students’ theses have been put into practice in Pardis Technology Park”, he added, "In addition to that, 9 joint projects are being accomplished between the member companies and universities.”

"Supply of 122 innovations, 36 localized items and 82 new products are among the other achievements of the Companies of the Park.”

Safarinia also referred to the 3.5-million dollar international contracts inked between the Knowledge-Based Companies of the Park and other countries and added, "17 contracts have been drawn up with 11 countries.”

Head of Pardis Technology Park made remarks on the 270 new statues and certificates obtained by the member Companies and said, "22 supportive headings has been defined in the Par, where 40 complexes offer these services to the companies.”

Mr. Safarinia stated that, "the required guarantees for product sales contracts with the value of 10 billion Rials have been issued for the companies; guarantees have been also issued with an amount of 6 billion Rials for participating in tenders. In addition, we have been successful in introducing 15 new plans and products to 14 different organizations.”

81 Tech Companies Exploitation from Tax Exemption Privileges

Head of Pardis Technology Park mentioned that, "Offering tax exemptions are considered as the other supportive measures of the Park for the Companies”, he further added, "81 Tech Companies are currently enjoying tax exemptions, so that about 64 billion Tomans of tax exemption have been allocated to the member companies.”

According to him, 2381 persons have already requested to get use of salary tax exemption.

Safarinia made remarks on the 30 knowledge-based confirmations received by Pardis Technology park member companies in 2017 and said, "Since this Park is the only authority in charge of the issuance of intellectual ownership registration confirmation in the Judiciary, some 60 assessment of plans and inventions were accomplished last year for getting intellectual ownership registration.”

Having referred to the activities of Iran National Technomart, Head of Pardis Technology park added, "In this event we have been able to draw up investment contracts on 19 inventions in the field of industry, whose value is estimated to be 19 billion Rials.”

192-Billion-Rial Sales of Iran National Technomart Inventions

Mr. Safarinia estimated Iran National Technomart’s economic performance as 265 billion Rials, and said, "The sale statistics of the Inventions of Iran National Technomart have been 192 billion Rials. In addition, the data of some 11,000 knowledge-based products were registered in Iran National Technomart.”

He underlined the cooperation with Iran’s National Elites Foundation in order for further collaborations with the Iranians abroad as another in-app program of the Park and mentioned that, "In so doing, we have been successful in admitting 15 requests out of the entire 214 requests initiated by the Iranians abroad for the establishment of companies in the Park.”

He further added, "Some 13 applicants were granted loans and financial facilities aimed at attracting the Iranians abroad, which comes to be about 7,740 million Rials.”

Head of Pardis Technology Park enumerated the realization of 1,000 hectares of the lands of the Park as well as the consolidation of the Park’s ownership, attendance of 11,000 companies in the innovation of the Park, attraction of the Iranians abroad and procurement of 50% of the GDPs as the perspectives of Pardis Technology Park to become true in the near future.”

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