Five Iranian Startups Present to D-8 Countries Investors

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On the second day of D-8 Technology Investment Meeting which was held by the efforts of Iran National Techmarket Center at Pardis Technology Park, 5 Iranian selected startups presented their activities and products to D-8 countries VC funds.

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, based on notifications given to the country's active accelerators to introduce startups which are qualified for attracting foreign investment, 17 startups presented their activities to judgment council 10 days before the event. Eventually, 5 startups were chosen to be present at Startup Pitch Deck.

Through one of the most attractive part of the meeting, 5 startups named "Ostad Kar", "Arvand Studio", "Tanin Pardaz Passargad", "Abr Arvan", and "Artibition" had a 8-minute time to introduce their business to investors, show their market, talk about current and future customers, and state what they need as a fund.

More than 20 Iranian investors and also 10 VC funds from D-8 countries attended the meeting, then investigated and selected investment opportunities.

According to the officials, the second round of the meeting will be held next year, which will see a wider range of startups and the plans presented to investors.

The D-8 Technology Investment Meeting named TIM 2017 was held on Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 04 and 05 at Pardis Technology Park by the efforts of D-8 TTEN secretariat -which is located at Pardis Technology Park.

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