France Presence in INOTEX 2017

0 Apr 10 2017 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

France is known as one of the successful countries in the field of innovation and technology in the world. French Minister of the Economy and Finance visited Pardis Technology Park to Further cooperation between member companies of the park and French companies.

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, in this visit, in addition to the French Minister of the Economy and Finance, the French Ambassador to Tehran and French Commercial Counselor were also present.

During the visit, which was to introduce the park and the member companies, Michel Sapin, French Minister for the Economy and Finance, appreciated the acceptance of his visit to the park and said: "Previously, our ambassador had informed us about Pardis Technology Park and successful companies in here, but visiting here was one of our important programs to get more acquainted with you and your success."

The Minister for the Economy and Finance also in relation to collaboration with the member companies of Pardis Technology Park added: "Areas which you are working, are considered as important fields. Many SMEs and start-ups in France are active in these fields, and there exists a good potential for collaboration."

Also, Michel Sapin talked about the presence of French companies in INOTEX: "We will be present at INOTEX 2017."

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