Interaction of Iranian Nonresident Students towards Progress in the Fifth Meeting of Iranian Student

0 Mar 10 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

The 5th meeting of Iranian students studying abroad was held at Pardis Technology Park with the slogan of "Communication, Interaction and Progress".

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, since the audiences of this institution are living abroad in various areas and it is virtually impossible to have a face-to-face conversation, the institution tries to take full advantage of the special opportunities. The January holiday, coincided with Dey in the Persian calendar, is considered to be a good opportunity for communication, interaction, and cultural, social and scientific cooperation.

Relying on the last years' experiences, more successful programs were implemented during this meeting. It was held with the aim of exploring ways to create and reinforce scientific and cultural interactions between the country and the Iranian elites living outside the country. This one-day conference may contribute to the cultural, social and scientific progress of nonresident Iranians and the country itself.

The fifth meeting of nonresident Iranian students was held with a focus on the evaluation of common interactions with overseas elites and role of technology parks in the promotion of the culture of interaction with influential and educated Iranians living abroad. It also tried to study strategies for further attraction of human and economic resources of Iranian nonresident elites.

Moreover, interpretation of Iranian-Islamic culture in a way that motivates interactions; investigation of the successful relationship of developing countries with their own elites; and method of its localization are among other pillars of the event.

Hojjatoleslam Mortazavi, Head of the Leadership Representative in the Affairs of Iranian Students Studying Abroad, stated: we should strive towards innovation and evolution. The scientific, technical and economic community of the country can deal with the crisis by synergy and integration of domestic and foreign ideas.

He added creating and updating a rigorous, scientifically-targeted communication between inside and outside of the country is the key to the country's progress. This is a promising condition for current society. In order to take advantage of the other countries' science and ideas, we must gain their trust. In this way, various institutions are attempting to realize such a goal. Prominent among these attempts is PTP's worthwhile effort in the field.

The fifth meeting of Iranian students studying abroad was held with the slogan of "communication, interaction and progress” on the occasion of the New Year's Eve. it was attended by Ali Morteza Birang, Deputy for International Affairs and Technology Exchange and Head of International Center for Science and Technology Interactions; Mahdi Saffarinia, Head of Pardis Technology Park; Hojjatoleslam Mortazavi, Head of the Leadership Representative in the Affairs of Iranian Students Studying Abroad; Hojjatoleslam Nezamzadeh, Representative of the Supreme Leader in the Affairs of Asian Students; along with a number of Iranian students studying abroad.

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