Introducing the Capabilities of Pardis Technology Park Companies Active in the field of Oil and Gas

0 Dec 22 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

The mutual Conference of Parsian Gas & Oil Development Company and Pardis Technology Park was held with the thrives of the Commercialization Center of the Park and with the purpose of investigating the capacities and capabilities if the companies active in the fields of gas and oil in order to satisfy the technological requirements of this holding company as well as checking some of the plans with the approach of making investments on the relevant fields.

From among the issues welcomed by Parsian Oil & Gas Development Company were the technological guarantee of the products, elevation of the technical and executive abilities of the companies and accepting the legal and financial liabilities of manufacturing technological equipment in the governmental industries.

This conference which was held after sending a recall to all of the companies located in the Park and after evaluating the received requests, four companies in the field of gas and oil and were elected in order to present their plans and products.


· Binab Sanjesh Damavand (Quansens) Company:

Dr. Rezaei, the Managing Director of Quansens Company (one of the Iranian specialists and entrepreneurs who returned to Iran) gave a presentation on online laser analyses as one of the most important instrumentation products in the oil, gas and petrochemicals industries, which was significantly admired by the representatives of Parsian Oil and Gas Development Company.


· Namvaran-e Gharn-e 15 Khorshidi Company:

This company could draw the attention of the managers and experts of Parsian Oil & Gas Development Company to the technologies created in the biome of Pardis Technology Park by presenting the modern technology of Laser Shot Pinning, as one of the most significant solutions in order for increasing the lifetime of the mechanical components


· Atieh Pardaz Sharif Company:

Rapture Disc was presented to the representatives of Parsian Holding as a key product in the oil, gas and petrochemicals industry, which is has been sanctioned as part of the boycotts imposed on this particular industry.


· Ilia Knowledge & technology Development Company:

Then, a visit was made from Ilia Company, who is the first producer of catalysts in Iran, aimed at the investment of Parsian Holding in this Company. Having elaborated on the technical complexities and impacts of this product in the improvement of the oil refineries’ incomes, Dr. Kazerooni, the Managing Director of Ilia Company, could successfully attract the investment of Parsian Holding for this strategic product.
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