Iranian Medical Equipment in Conformity with the International Standards

0 Aug 23 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

One of the scholars of Pardis Technology Park considered the measures taken in the field of medical equipment as good and appropriate and he further asserted that "this field consists of a wide area of subjects which have had a high progress and development in the recent years; many university students and entrepreneurs have stepped into this field and have taken valuable efforts in this regard.”

Mohammadreza Kompani, the Managing Director of Electronic Bartar Co. and the Vice-President of Medical Equipment Exporters Guild Union on the sidelines of ‘The Visit of the Ambassadors of the Islamic Republic of Iran from Pardis Technology Park’ said, "Utilizing the productive power of the member companies is a solution to achieving modern equipment and technologies”, and he went on that, "Our development in manufacturing medical equipment has now reached a level where we can produce products equal to that of the European and American standards and we can honorably have totally Iranian-made accessories and equipment in our ICUs, CCUs and Emergency wards” Pardis Technology Park Public Relations Dept. reported.

Having referred to the activities of the producers of medical equipment, Mr. Kompani underlined that, "40% of the needs of the Hospitals and the treatment centers to medical equipment have been fulfilled by the Iranian scholars and producers and the remaining 60% is imported from outside. The total value of the medical equipment market of Iran is 2 million dollars, of which 750 million dollars is procured by the local producers.”

The Secretary and the Vice-President of the medical equipment exporters guild union further added, "our scientific and research development in this special field has led to the fact that we only import some 15 to 20% of the required goods, and we have been able to successfully act in exports of products, which is around 25 million dollars exports to 40 countries worldwide.”

Having underlined this point that the goods manufactured with the state-of-the-art technology inside the country are supplied with much too lower prices compared with the foreign samples, the Managing Director of Electronic Bartar Co. noted that, "Those medical equipment manufactured in Iran are offered with half the price of other foreign brands and also with optimal after-sales services, and this is exactly because of the low profile of our country in this field; so we have to offer our products with more after-sale services and less profit in order to convince the applicants.”
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