Iranian Startup at the Biggest Event of the Middle East

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Linkap Company (Taraxa Science and Industry Co.), one of the PTP's incubator member companies succeeded for the 1st time to provide a platform for developing the market of the Internet of Things and Smart Solutions in Iran, and attended GITEX 2017 which was held at the Dubai World Trade Center.

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, Linkap which had already been selected as one of the top startups of the ELECOMP 2017, attended as the only Iranian startup in the field of the Internet of Things at GITEX 2017 which is known as the greatest technological event of the region.

Erfan Taherkhani, founder and one of the top technical managers of Linkap said about the company's activities: "At a glance, Linkap could be known as a platform for development and providing the ways for the Internet of Things and Smart Solutions. Developers, in help with the Linkap development platform, can provide their solutions using new communicational technologies (such as low power consumption, safe and affordable), management panels, and Linkap APIs."

In the following, Mr. Taherkhani pointed out the target market of Linkap and said: "We have two markets at the same time; the first one is Linkap development platform at which developers can develop their solutions using new communicational technologies, management panel and Linkap APIs, then present them through Linkap Market. Also, the organizations and businesses that need smart solutions can supply their requirement through various certified solutions which have already provided at Linkap Market."

He said about Linkap's goal of attending at GITEX 2017: "One of the main Linkap's goals to attend GITEX 2017 are introducing services and abilities of the company to the visitors, attracting new customers and also developing the market at the region. Finding members in order to increase co-worker network members and also solutions provided at Linkap have been our other visions to attend this event."

Linkap's top technical manager mentioned the visitors of the exhibition and said: "In addition to a vast number of international visitors, the Iranian parliamentary delegation and the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology's IT Headquarters Secretary attended the event and visited Linkap's pavilion."

The founder of Linkap, said about the Iranian and regional startups: "What we visited at GITEX 2017, shows the advancement of Iranian startups. In my view, many subjects that are being established and developed at the Middle East's innovation ecosystem, have already been using in Iran for years."

37 th round of GITEX which is known as the greatest technological event of the Middle East started on Oct. 08 and ended on Oct. 12, 2017.

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