Launching the Intelligent Symptom Detection System

0 Aug 07 2017 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

"Intelligent Clinical Symptom Detection System” was launched for public use throughout the country by the efforts of Science,Research&TechnologyInstitute ofFarzan, a PTP’s member.

This system is provided free of charge for patients through Telegram Messenger Application and also on the web. The "Intelligent Clinical Symptom Detection System” contains about 110 medical symptoms, now.

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, the aim of "Intelligent Clinical Symptom Detection System” is giving information and emphasizing the importance of paying attention to medical symptoms and thus encouraging correct and timely referral to physician and promotion of individual and community health. In this system, the patient can put forward his or her medical symptoms, such as headache, body pain, anxiety, depression, dizziness, sleep problems, and so on. The system intelligently analyzes the problem by asking questions and creating a decision tree, and guides him/her to the correct action, including referring to doctor or emergency department.

This system does not have any therapeutic interventions, at all. In addition to increasing user’s information, it leads to the correct and timely conduction of health services and avoids the loss of health system resources due to unnecessary referrals.

The intelligent algorithm of the system has been designed based on the latest medical findings and information published by reputable international references.

An interesting feature of the system is the use of Telegram Messenger for the question and answer with the user. The high speed of the system prevents the user from wasting time.

The goal of the system is intelligent diagnosis, awareness, and emphasis on the importance of paying attention to medical symptoms and thus encouraging correct and timely referral to a physician and promoting individual and community health.

Although the highest standards of medicine and most authoritative and up-to-date sources have been used in designing the system, the diagnosis cannot be guaranteed, at all and the developers believe that the system’s aspect is giving information not curing, and referral to physician is essential under any condition.

According to the official references of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, this system can cause a 20% reduction in health and care costs, by guiding patients correctly and preventing unnecessary medical referrals.

For free use of the system, users can type and search the phrase @FereshtehSalamatBot in the search box of Telegram Messenger (at the top of the page). Those do not have access to Telegram Messenger can use the website via personal computer.

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