Localization of Power Network Underground Installations Controller Robot in the Country

0 May 26 2019 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

The plan of localizing the power network underground installations controller robot was put into practice using the capabilities of Ideh Kavan Pardis knowledge-based company by Pardis Technology Park and in the form of a research contract with Tehran Regional Power Distribution Company.

According to the Public Relations Dept. of Pardis Technology Park, Ahmad Asgari, the Director General of the Dept. for Investments and Localization of Technology of Pardis Technology Park announced the news and said, "The most important mission of Pardis Technology Park as a facilitating agent in the commercialization process is to resolve the needs of the governmental industries using the capabilities of the knowledge-based tech companies and to act as a go-between for the industry and the knowledge-based tech companies.”

Asgari referred to the gateway of collaborations between Tehran Regional Power Distribution Company and Pardis Technology Park alongside localizing the technological requirements of this particular industry and he further added that, "This project has been started after identifying the needs of Tehran Regional Power Distribution Company and in line with controlling the problems such as corrosion and the increase in the temperature of the high-voltage power transmission underground installations, which previously used to be handled by manpower, and after giving a visit to the companies of Pardis Technology Park and statement of the problem, Ideh Kavan Pardis Company could successfully lay the cornerstone of localizing the power network underground installations controller robot by offering a suitable plan in the form of a research contract with Tehran Regional Power Distribution Company.”

He noted that, "Only a few countries such as Japan, Austria and China used to have the knowledge to design and manufacture such robots; but due to the imposition of the hostile international sanctions against our country, they abstained from giving them to Iran; however, by signing a contract for the manufacture of this system, the localization of the knowledge required for building robots started in Pardis Technology Park and it practically led to the omission of exorbitant costs spent on manpower as well as improvisation of several sensors in the high-voltage power transmission underground installations.”

Expressing that a part of this technology was formerly used in Tehran Water & Wastewater Company in order to control and supervise the wastewater pipelines, Asgari enumerated some of the features of the power network underground installations controller robot and said, "Moving with the speed of 6 kilometers per hour, reporting constant online images, thermo-scanning in order to troubleshoot and find the points with high temperatures, being capable of processing the images intelligently and also being able to create inspection reports according to the environmental, thermal and moisture sensors devised in this robot, which are due to be presented by Ideh Kavan Pardis Company.

It is worth notable that the General Dept. of Investment and technology Localization, as one of the affiliated units of Pardis Technology Park, has 7 years of experience in offering services to the technology and knowledge-based companies located in Pardis Technology Park in the fields of localizing technologies and developing the market for knowledge-based products in the governmental industries, investment and financial provision, tenders and administering research and commercialization contracts, which has yet entered into several technology localization and commercialization contracts with many different companies such as the National Iranian Oil Company, National Iranian Gas Company, Pars Oil and Gas Company and Guilan Power Distribution Company, etc. aimed at meeting the operational needs of industries.

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