More than 200 Plans and Inventions enjoyed Commercialization Consultations in 2018

0 May 26 2019 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

The Technology Business Development of Pardis Technology Park offered 313 hours of commercialization consultation to some 219 plans and inventions.

According to the Public Relations Dept. of Pardis Technology Park, these consultation services, which have been offered in line with the assessment processes, invention assessments and the empowerment plans, have been almost done through in-person meetings or by the phone and majorly through collaboration plans with other authorities and technology development support centers.

Last year, this center, alongside its collaborations with the National Elites Foundation, participated in three festivals of inventions and initiatives called ‘Rooyesh’ in different parts of the country and it offered some 40 hours of commercialization consultation services to 55 inventors, of which 12 plans belonged to medicine and medical equipment, 14 plans to mechanics and 29 plans to other different fields.

Among other activities of this center, we can also refer to 64 commercialization consultation meetings held for 34 plans as other collaboration plans with the National Elites Foundation.

From among the other services provided for the inventors by this center are offering more than 80 hours consultation to the presenters of 43 patent statements issued in association with the Center for Intellectual Ownership of the State Organization for Registration of Deeds and Properties as well as 110 hours of consultation in the primary assessment process, the exclusive assessment of the 2nd stage of the services and stomping the referrals by the Vice-Presidency for Science & Technology, National Elites Foundation, Tehran Governors’ Office and other supporting authorities.

Alongside other consultation services and within the scope of responding to the consequent references, whether in person or on the phone, this center has offered counseling services to some 64 plans and subjects in the fields of aerospace, electronics, home appliances, efficiency, tourism, health and treatment, materials, automotive, oil and energy, agriculture, mechanics, etc.

It is worth noting that the Technology Business Development Center, as one of the centers affiliated to Pardis Technology Park, officially started its activity in 2014, and thenceforth it has been responsible for presenting technology and business development services, empowering inventions alongside commercialization, evaluating the technology plans, technically evaluating the patent statements as well as education in Pardis Technology Park and other dependent authorities.

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