Operation of the First Direct Foreign Investment at Pardis Technology Park

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A ceremony for start of the construction process of Darlan Darou Co. was held at PTP’s Conference Center with the unveiling of a joint contract with the French Company of IPSEN for manufacturing Diferelin.

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, in addition to the senior managers of Darlan Salamat Holding Co., the ambassador of France in Iran, the head of Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and also a large number of doctors and pioneers of Iran’s pharmacy attended the meeting.

IPSEN; a Committed and Reliable Company

At the beginning of this program, Dariush Keshtkar, the Chairman of the Board of Darlan Darou Co. while saying welcome to the audience and to the honorable ambassador of France in Iran mentioned his 50-year experience of pharmaceutical activities and stated: "there are near to 15 years that we have cooperated with IPSEN French Co., which has worked with us with responsibility and high level of commitment. This company has met our pharmaceutical needs even through severe sanction years and has never preferred financial issues to patients’ needs.”

Keshtkar also pointed out a tri investment between Darlan Darou Co., IPSEN Co. and Food and Drug Administration and stated: "manufacturing Diferelin which is used to treat prostate cancer and early puberty is the main issue of the MoU. It is worth mentioning that this drug is one of the drugs imported to the country and is considered as an important and prioritized one.”

He clarified: "there is a special attention to transfer technical knowledge and training at this investment, in addition to the manufacturing. We have also a plan to meet the need of more than 10 countries in the Middle East with a population of more than 300.000.000.

Technology and Technical Knowledge Transfer to Iran

In the following, Etin Di Proa, the regional manager of IPSEN, meanwhile appreciating Pardis Technology Park for support of this project mentioning the importance of the MoU and stated: "IPSEN and Darlan Darou companies intended to launch production line and technical knowledge of an important and strategic drug in Iran.”

He stated about the standards of the MoU: "the standards of this project have been considered based on today’s Europe criteria at which knowledge and technology transfer and training are paid attention to, in addition to the production.”

He emphasized: "this is the first time for IPSEN Co. to make a contract with a foreign company for knowledge and technology transfer that shows the trust on Iran and Darlan Darou Company.”

An Investment of €15.000.000 for Project Setup

Akbar Bayat, CEO of Darlan Darou Co. stated about the start of the project and the production of this drug: "based on the schedule we try to accomplish the construction process of the complex, laboratory and the factory at PTP’s 2nd phase so that the drug would be produced soon.”

Darlan Darou Company’s CEO reiterated: "this drug which is imported to the country in two doses 11.25 and 3.75 is considered as one of the significant imported drugs. We are going to produce this drug in the country by supports of Food and Drug Administration and IPSEN Company.”

Bayat announced the investment at this project as a value of €15.000.000 and continued: "this pharmaceutical complex is built based on GMP European Standard and we intend to have vast export to the countries around, in addition, to meet domestic needs.”

Avoid Flow of Ten Millions of Euros Out of the Country

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Dinarvand, Deputy Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education and also the head of Iran’s Food and Drug Administration, meanwhile congratulating Fajr Decade and appreciating the country’s elites for development and progress of Iran, said: "As Iran has had international agreements with the world, our interactions with many countries have been facilitated and sanctions and pressures could not be an obstacle for our country’s knowledge development and advancement.”

He stated about the investment of European countries in Iran for pharmaceutical fields: "this is the second foreign investment for the production of drugs Iran that shows a clear sign that our country has an appropriate field to attract foreign investors.”

Dinarvand stated about the advantages of the production of this drug in the country: "Ten millions of Euros have been paid for import of the drug till now. We hope that as the project is started and the drug is produced in the country, the import would be stopped and also export categories get special attention.”

At the end of the meeting, the guests visited the place dedicated to the project’s building.

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