Pardis Technology Park hosts Venture Capitals Representatives Members of D-8 Countries

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Technology Investment Meeting (TIM 2017) which was hosted by Pardis Technology Park was held with the participation of VC funds' representatives.

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, at the meeting which was organized by TIM's scientific workgroup, some subjects such as corporate venture capital (CVC), joint ventures, valuation of startups, rules related to VC funds, and investor angels' business were selected as the content of the panel. The specialists of these fields from Islamic countries have also been invited to provide the latest achievements and related comments.

Eng. Mahdi Saffarinia, the president of Pardis Technology Park and the secretary of D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network (TTEN) mentioned the goals and perspectives of the meeting and said: "the meeting titled "VC Funds Meeting; Transfer of Experiences and Financing Models" is the first technology investment meeting of D-8 countries which is made of VC funds and the VC investor companies in Iran and D-8 countries are its participants."

He emphasized: "for strengthening the country's innovation ecosystem, it is needed for investment companies to be familiar with the latest investment models and support of startups in other countries. Therefore, the meeting provides a possibility for Iranian investors to get familiar with investment models and commercialization of startups in other countries. On the other side, foreigner investors become acquainted with innovation ecosystem of Iran and the possibilities are provided for participation, investment and cooperation with Iranian companies."

Saffarinia explained about the Pardis Technology Park family: "More than 300 companies with 4000 manpower in the form of knowledge-based and startup companies are working at this complex. They are companies who have 800 products in local and international markets. We have tried also to create an innovation ecosystem at the Park, by the presence of accelerators, VC funds, and more than 30 companies which are providing business services."

The secretary of D-8 TTEN explained about the various sections of this 2-day meeting: "Key speeches, discussion panels, presentation of experiences and selected VC investment, presentation of the story of the interaction between chosen startups and investors, Pitch Decks and workshops are held at TIM 2017."

At the end, he expressed his hope that such meetings lead to mutual interests and benefit from the experiences of the members of D-8 TTEN and stated: "We hope that the meetings would be continued annually. Therefore we try to hold the next round at the next INOTEX that would be held in coming months."

It is worth mentioning that the scientific workgroup of the meeting has selected subjects such as corporate venture capital (CVC), joint ventures, valuation of startups, rules related to VC funds, and investor angels' business as the content of the meeting and has invited the specialists of this fields from Islamic countries for providing their latest achievements and related comments.

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