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A detailed report of twenty third Electronics, Computers and E-Commerce Exhibition


23rd Electronics, Computers and E-Commerce Exhibition was held at Tehran International Exhibition & Convention Centre, Tehran, Iran within July 20-24, 2017.

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, 800 national and international companies from 24 countries attended ELECOMP to present their latest achievements, products and services.

For IT activists ELECOMP is, somehow, considered as the most significant event of the year. Because of the presence of technologies, innovations and new services, this 4-day exhibition is an appropriate place for introducing and marketing the products. A large number of IT and ICT activists, buyers, sellers, business organizations, and media attend ELECOMP.

The opening ceremony was held by the participation of Abol-Hassan Firouz Abadi, the Director of Supreme Council for Cyberspace, and Nasser Ali Sa’adat, the Director of Iranian Computer Guild Association (IRANNSR) at Hall No. 8 and 9, which were dedicated to start-ups.

Start-ups; every year more thriving than previous round

One of the differences between this year’s exhibition and previous rounds is the remarkable presence of start-ups and dedication separate halls to them, so that more than 340 start-ups participated at the exhibition to meet experienced business people and investors, in addition to the introduction of their products.

Giving a speech at the opening ceremony, Abol-Hassan Firouz Abadi mentioned the remarkable presence of start-ups at this round of ELECOMP and stated: "Start-up companies have had good experiences of last year ELECOMP. This caused a change at these companies. A space of 6000 square meters of total 34000 square meters space of the exhibition has been dedicated to start-ups this year.

PTP’s company’s exclusive Pavilion at 23rd ELECOMP

As previous year, Pardis Technology Park tried to make an opportunity aiming marketing and promotion of the products and technological achievements of the member companies. Hence, it provided a private pavilion for 7 companies which are active in the fields of electronics, computer and E-commerce. The Park’s departmental sectors, such as the New Technology Fund and the Elites Technology Incubator were present at the exhibition, as well. The pavilion was in booth No. 31-B, at Milad Hall.

The companies Asan Pardakht Persian, Faran Electronics Industries, Elvin, Mersad Fater, Bartar Gharn Novin Industries, Iran Roshd Hak Association and Riz Pardaz Electronics, members of Pardis Technology Park, were presents at this round of ELECOMP and presented their innovative products in the specialized areas.


You can read below some of the achievements and comments of PTP’s member companies’ managers about this year’s ELECOMP;

Asan Pardakht Persian Company (AP)

Asan Pardakht Persian Co. branded as "AP”, active in the field of data electronic payment systems participated at the exclusive pavilion of Pardis Technology Park and unveiled two new services for the customers.

Mohammadreza Kafi, Head of Bank Customer Department, said: "we have added card-to-card money transfer system and online sales of third-party insurance to our services since about one month ago. By participation at this exhibition, we could introduce these new systems to our customers widely.”

Kafi also added: "at this year’s exhibition, we could negotiate with banks such as Sarmayeh and Ghavamin and sign contracts for joining these banks to our complex. Also, we introduced online sales of third-party insurance to customers and clients and explained how to work with the system and get service, in detail.”

In the following, he pointed out the goals of Asan Pardakht Co. for participation at PTP’s exclusive Pavilion and stated: "last year, we worked out broader separately. Since Asan Pardakht is a knowledge-based company and a member of Pardis Technology Park, we intended to be present at this pavilion and attract the public’s trust to our company and show the unity we have with the park to the public.”

Faran Electronic Industries Company

One of the other active member companies of Pardis Technology Park is Faran Electronic Industries Co. which works in the field of production and distribution of UPS, batteries, new energies equipment and other equipment like stabilizers and inverters.

Amir Hossein Saleh, working at the company's business development department said about the feedback received from ELECOMP 23: "to hold the exhibition in summer was a good and fruitful event for our business, because most of the fluctuations in electricity, bugs in this area and the urgent need to have healthy electrical energy appear in summer. Hence, the outcome of this round of the exhibition was better rather than the previous rounds. We also had some negotiations with governmental and holding companies that we hope to get definite results.”

He stated about their achievements had been exposed at ELECOMP: "as previous years, our focus was on high power UPS products, we also represented some other products which are considered as B2B and used by the public at the other section of the booth.”

Saleh reiterated: "although we have just released these products on DIGIKALA’s website, the surveys show that the sales rate of these devices become higher within the exhibition days, which is an important result of ELECOMP visits for us.”

Elwin; Producer of Hardware and Software for Surveying Systems

Mona Nakhaei, Sales and Marketing Manager at Elwin Company, counted the advantages of participation at international exhibitions: "attending an exhibition is often a very good opportunity which the companies can negotiate and get familiar with the buyers, face-to-face. This is also an appropriate occasion to introducing the company to the potential customers who have not known that so far.”

She clarified: "of course, the location of your booth at the exhibition is one of the important factors that will increase or decrease the attendance of visitors and it should be done with stronger planning and targeting."

In the following, she said about the customers who negotiated with Elwin Co.: "the exhibition was a good opportunity for introduction and negotiating with large companies. Among the customers with which we got familiar and make contract during the exhibition, Dorsa Leather Co., Sahar Bakery, University of Medical Sciences, Passargad Bank, Esteghlal Hotels and Jurassic Park can be mentioned."

Fanavari Novin Mersad Fater Company

Alireza Alavi, CEO of Mersad Co., an Iranian manufacturer of hardware and software for various types of CCTV cameras, was highly pleased with participation at the exhibition. He said: "during the exhibition's days, we had direct talks with positive results with the customers and organizations to which we have been trying for a while to introduce our products."

He also restated: "the placement of booths had better conditions rather than that of the previous round, and the number of effective visitors to the exhibition was high."

He said about the target market his company was able to attract during the exhibition: "we have had effective talks with automobile companies and municipalities, which we hope will lead to positive results after the exhibition."

Sanaye Bartar Gharne Novin (SANAB)

Ali Abbasi, CEO of SANAB, active in the field of supply of telecommunication equipment, does not know the results of the exhibition very satisfying for the specialized companies and says: "the visitors to the ELCOMP are often public, young people and new technology enthusiasts. While our work is somehow specialized, we have not earned considerable achievements from the exhibition."

In the following, he appreciated services and facilities Pardis Technology Park provides for companies to attend the exhibition and pointed out: "PTP's efforts for our participation at the exhibition and marketing and sales of our products are worthy, but I think it is better to be more careful about the arrangement of the pavilions and their differentiation and to separate companies with a simple partition. As we all come together in the exhibition, visitors get confused, and the time and energy of companies are consumed to clean themselves in the eyes of the customers."

Iran Growth Hacking Center

Another newly created complex participated at this year's ELECOMP was Iran Growth Hacking Center that is providing consultation and specialized services to accelerate businesses growth. Ehsan Jahandarpour, the CEO, said about the companies' activities: "Iran Growth Hacking Center creates opportunities for growth of companies. What we do is finding unconventional growth strategies of organizations and help them to increase their growth speed rather than rivals, with fewer costs.

He also reiterated: "our aim to attend this exhibition was to know more about companies, to measure the level of the complexes and the technology market in Iran. Fortunately, this observation gave us an accurate insight and understanding."

Jahandarpour restated: "of course, Iran's starter ecosystem is very young and has many weaknesses, but here individuals are interested in technology and follow it, they believe in using technology to advance their goals, and this has created great potential.”

This expert also pointed out the government's supports for the country's startup space and said: "supports for innovators and start-ups are good, but not enough. A large part of the support is provided for start-ups that are money-maker. In many cases, their efficiency for the development of the country is not considered, and this view should be changed, as well.

High-Tech Development Fund

In another part of the exhibition, there is a crowded booth of High-Tech Development Fund of Pardis Technology Park.

CEO of the Fund stated about participation at the exhibition: "During the exhibition’s days, we dropped by various halls and companies, while introducing ourselves represent the Fund’s services and capacities to more than 500 firms and start-ups.”

S.Rouhollah Mir Amini, CEO of HighTech Development Fund continued: "ELECOMP gathers annually a large number of innovators, start-ups and technology companies. We also attended the exhibition with the aim of introducing the fund services to stakeholders and the country's technology ecosystem.”

He reiterated: "despite the fact that only seven months have passed since the previous round of ELECOPM, a significant presence of start-ups and companies and an increase in the number of participants as well as visitors, show the very high capacity and potential of this area and these only need to be organized and paid attention, more.”

In the following, Mir Amini pointed to providing surety-bond as one of the important services of the Fund and said: "When a company plans to make a contract with a governmental organization, it probably needs a surety-bond. In our banking system, clear missions and methods for evaluating these companies are not defined. Henceforth, we have defined a mechanism for issuing the required surety-bonds with a common literature to present to the governmental organization.”

In the following, he mentioned the new achievement of the Fund in the field of surety-bond for technology and knowledge-based companies and said: "this is the first year that the government has fully accepted the bonds issued by the Fund and approved them through the Central Bank of I.R.Iran, theManagement and Planning Organization of Iran (MPO) and the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology and communicatedto comptrollers all over the country.”

CEO of HighTech Development Fund pointed out the role of the Fund in the implementation of national projects and said: "we are looking for companies that bring their technical contribution to which we append our financial contribution and supports. By those accumulated contributions and also using the PTP’s capabilities we can accomplish the country’s national projects as synergy and a consortium.”

"We can make great strides in this area because of the recognition we have from the B2G products, as well as the knowledge of various organizations of the country and national projects," he emphasized.

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