Power and Centrality of the Islamic World would be Possible Only with Advantageous Sciences

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The Vice-President for Science and Technology said: "Power, glory and centrality of the Islamic world would be possible by science and technology, definitely. The science and technology of which the origin is at Islamic world body, as same as the Islamic golden ages."

According to the science reporter of IRNA, Sourena Sattari said at the 2nd ceremony of Mustafa Prize held on Sunday: "the aforesaid science is generated by thoughtful and talented brains, of which the result is public welfare based on the development of modern technologies."

At this ceremony which scientists from Iran and Islamic world attended, he stated: "Now, the Islamic world is being benefited from many young people who think about a bright tomorrow, who are full of ideas and creativities, who know entrepreneurship well and also know how to benefit from advantageous science. They can make many new ways to lead all the society to the calm and nice days."

The Vice-president for Science and Technology expressed: "It is the duty of all of us to believe these young people. What is invaluable is human's innovations."

He also added: "Undoubtedly, health, security and welfare of human being would not be possible unless with scientific authority, being knowledge-based and technology advancement in the interaction of prominent scientists."

The Head of Mustafa Prize's Policy Council continued: "Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation is seeking a revival of a rich civilization rich in knowledge and culture, and also the evolution of the advancement of science and technology in the Islamic world. Therefore, the appreciation of well-educated scholars and the presentation of excellent models in the field of science and technology in the Islamic world would cause a revolution in the advancement of science and technology."

He said: "awarding international Mustafa Prize on the day of Mawlid al-Nabi al-Sharif, the prophet of peace and friendship, can create a high mansion for today's and tomorrow's human so that under the roof of pease it will set the path to happiness and perfection."

Sattari stated: "we have gathered today in memory of a prophet who was a pioneer of kindness and humility, and there was no more tenacious hostile for him but ignorance. We are ashamed in front of his bright face that Muslims are in difficulty in these days because of war, terrorism, violence, poverty, ignorance and more intimidation."

He continued: "there were some eras during Islamic Civilization of which we, Muslims, had been proud. Once upon a time, we were the focal point of many of sciences and techniques. A fountain of science from the House of Wisdom, Baghdad, to theAcademy of Gondishapur, Ahvaz, irrigated the world."

Sattari added: "Muslims never made a weapon for killing people during the Golden Ages, did not seek elixir to conquer the souls and bodies of the people, did not find a scientific way to capture people's minds, spirits and bodies, and never wanted to do that. Because they believed in equality and fraternity. They never left the advantageous science away, even when they were subordinates of cruel governments."

He said: "But now, the history is watching us judge what we do. We must again make an agreement to establish a modern civilization and to take theorization of science and technology to the top."

Mustafa Prize is a supreme sign of the science and technology that is awarded to top scientists and researchers of the Islamic world, biennially. Mustafa Prize promotes doing research and learning knowledge in Islamic societies by identifying, introducing and appreciating top scientists and researchers of the Islamic world.

In the 2nd round of Mustafa Prize, after completion of judgement process the supreme sign of science and technology of the Islamic world was awarded to 2 scientists in the field of ICT; Prof. Sami Erol Gelenbe, computer scientist, electronics engineer, and applied mathematician from Turkey because of his work about modeling the evaluation of computer system performance, and Dr. Mohammad Amin Shokrollahi, ICT scientist and PhD in computer and communication science because of his work in the field of RAPTOR codes.
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