Start the New Year along with the Big Family of Pardis Technology Park

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To pass moments with the big family of Pardis Technology Park in a spring evening of early days of 1396 SH can be a good start for the New Year.

The tea party was held on April 09, 2017 hosted by Pardis Technology Park with the presence of dozens of managers and staff of PTP's member companies and the staff members of the park.

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, the tea part is held several times a year with the aim of making a friendly relationship, familiarity of the managers with each other, creation of areas of interaction and synergy between technology units in a friendly atmosphere away from the official formalities with drinking tea and eating dessert.

To Start the New Year with a Hearty Chat

Holding tea parties seasonally, Pardis Technology Park tries to make friendly relationship and more networks in order to interaction and cooperation between PTP's member companies. Through these events which are held at the beginning of each season, this possibility is available for companies to introduce themselves and their activities. By participation at the tea party, the companies start new season with a reunion.

At this tea party, many CEOs and employees along with PTP's staff met each other and talked about the New Year's programs and plans.

The popularity of tea party increases each round significantly that means the managers and staff are content with it.

In response to a public question, most of the managers believe that participation at such a friendly and hearty atmosphere while PTP's president and managers are present, causes companies to become closer and more familiar with PTP's managers. This familiarity is a motivation to progress and cooperation more than before.

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