Technology Commercialization in the Field of Medical Equipment

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One of the member companies of Pardis Technology Park could finally, after lots of efforts, achieve the production of Co2 Incubator in Iran, which, in the commercialization stage, was warmly welcomed by the research and treatment centers as well as the universities.

As reported by the Public Relations Dept. of Pardis Technology Park, following the sanctions imposed against the country, Ravan Sazeh Company, having 27 years of experience and relying on the capabilities of its managers and personnel, has decided to refresh, research and produce some of the goods required by the medical community, and in so doing, it initiated studies since 2010, which resulted in the design and construction of Co2 Incubator. In addition, manufacture of devices and materials consumed in the laboratories came on the agenda, and hereunto they have successfully produced 18 products that are highly competitive with the similar products elsewhere in the world qualitatively.

Co2 Incubator is the first strategic product of Ravan Sazeh Company manufactured under the brand of MR, which is not only regarded as a knowledge-based product but also it has been utilized in the treatment and research centers as well universities and its proper function has been approved. This product is used for human embryo culture, blood culture (lymphocyte), anaerobic bacteria and any other biological application that requires Co2 gas with a given concentration. The Company’s Co2 Incubator is produced in two 48-liter and 80-liter sizes, which can be changed in scale pursuant to the order of the consumers and the local requirements.

In addition to the reasonable price of this product, which is almost one-third of the price of the similar foreign ones, the software’s controlling system has been designed in such a way that the operator or the expert will be able to get reports from the system and apply his favourite settings anywhere and anytime he deems necessary. Besides, the three-year guarantee, as well as the inclusiveness of the after-sale services, allows the customers to easily get use of this system.

After years of continuous and successful activities in the fields of industry and commerce, and having relied on the capabilities and facilities of the Company as well as the scientific and applied records and experience of its promoters and senior managers in the fields of medicine and laboratory, Ravan Sazeh Company stepped into the research, production and sales of different kinds of medical and laboratory devices and equipment, having built and equipped a centre in an area of 700 (m2) in Pardis Technology Park since 2009.

This Tech Company, along with upholding the motto of Resistive Economy and developing the Iranian products in the field of medicine, has declared its preparedness in order to perform joint activities with other companies with the same goals.

Other features of this Device include the following:

Central Troubleshooting System, Adjustable Independent Safety Thermostat, PC Connectivity, Accurate Reading & Temperature Adjustment up to 0.1 C°, Co2 Ultra-Sensitive Sensor with the ability to adjust Co2 amount from 0% to 20%, Voice Alert Feature (when it exits the specified limit), Special Design of Compartments in order to prevent slippage, the most Precise and Modern Microcontrollers, as well as Simple and Accurate Calibration by the Operator etc.

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