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The conference of Iran and Brazil focusing on water resource management and sustainable technologies was held with the presence of researchers from PTP's member companies, local private companies and Brazilian technologists at Seraj Hall, Pardis Technology Park.

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, the conference was held by the participation of two countries' representatives and by with the subject of the world's latest technologies in the field of water resources management and uses, and in order to evaluate and provide a suitable opportunity for cooperation between two countries. In this conference, Mr. Alvaro Galvani, the Brazilian Embassy's commercial attache to Iran and also Mr. Mohsen Shaterzadeh, the former Iranian ambassador to Brazil gave speeches. The representatives of the companies active in that field and also Mr. Osako, technical manager of Brazil's Technology Taipo Park presented their achievements and plans.

Brazil Is Not a Rival for Iran in the Field of Science and Technology, but a Supplementary.

Dr. Mohsen Shaterzadeh, the former Iranian Ambassador to Brazil pointed out the importance of cooperation between Iran and Brazil and said: "Brazil is one of the successful countries of the world in the field of modern technologies. We can have useful relations in line with our former cooperation. Having emphasized on FINEP and the role of this investment fund, he said: "Iranian companies should pay special attention to have cooperation with FINEP."

Stating that Brazil owns the greatest water dam and benefited from the world's latest technologies, Shaterzadeh said: "Itaipu Dam is the biggest power plant of the world. The representative of Taipo Technology Park can provide the companies active in this field with useful information."

Saying that technological and economic cooperation between Iran and Brazil can lead to great improvements, he stated: "Brazil is not considered as a rival to Iran, but also a complementary in the fields of technology and innovation. If we want to have economic cooperation with other countries at the international level, Brazil would be one of the best choices."

The former Iranian ambassador to Brazil pointed out: "all of the facilities and possibilities which are available in the European and American countries, are also available in Brazil. The Brazilians respect to Iran in the field of technology, and also are willing to have bilateral cooperation with Iran."

The Presence of FINEP Representative; A Sign for Cooperation between Two Countries

Shaterzadeh, as a former Iranian ambassador to Brazil and CEO of one of the technological companies in this seminar, considered the presence of FINEP's representative as an important sign showing the enthusiasm of cooperation between Iran and Brazil and said: "FINEP is the greatest scientific and technological organization of Brazil that undertakes funding for all scientific projects."

Brazilian's Will to Work with PTP's Member Companies

Shaterzadeh said at the conference's evaluation session: "The Brazilian delegation that stayed in Iran for couple of days, visited Iranian companies and met the managers, reached to positive results for cooperation, so that we can wait for good news and happenings. The assessment of the talks I had with the Brazilian managers shows their interest in cooperating in science and technology with Iranian companies. Brazil can also have a fruitful cooperation with Iran in the fields of science and technology."

The MoU of Iran and Brazil's Fund is Still Valid

In the following, Shaterzadeh mentioned the joined fund between Iran and Brazil established in 2011 and said: "a joined fund between two countries has been established based on technological and scientific cooperation with the property worth 1 million dollars in order to development of science and technology in two countries. Its MoU which is based on transferring student, professors and researchers and also doing joined technological projects is still valid.

Shaterzadeh expressed: "By the help of this fund and in cooperation with researchers and PTP's member companies managers, we can commercialize the knowledge-based projects and take them up to the sales level at markets."

The former Iran's ambassador to Brazil presented a complete report of the ways for defining joined technological and innovational cooperation between Iran and Brazil.

We Make a Contract with Innovation and Prosperity Fund (NSFUND)

FINEP's representative while expressing his pleasure of visit from PTP's Iranian member companies said: "Through the investigations and talks the Brazilian delegation has had with Iranian companies within these days, they found out that the Iranian companies have a very good scientific and technological potential and there is the possibility for joined cooperation between two countries."

He emphasized: "The Park has made an appropriate ecosystem for knowledge-based companies that has provided a proper space for them to grow up. Iranians are advanced in many scientific areas and we found it through the talks and visits we had. Brazilian companies will be happy to cooperate technologically with Iran. We are willing to plan for cooperation very soon."

Commercializing the Products in Cooperation with Brazilians

Alvaro Galvani, the financial advisor of Brazilian embassy said: "commercializing the products is a necessary issue in the process of joined cooperation between Iran and Brazil."

He considered such seminars as the first steps to reach joined targets of bilateral cooperations and reiterated: "We are seeking for cooperation with large, medium and even small sized companies in the field of science and technology."

The financial advisor of Brazilian embassy added: "Our cooperation with Iranian companies is focused on Nano-technology, IT and water resources and we are after finding co-workers in these fields."

In the following, he pointed to the importance of water resources in the world, today's meeting, the innovational ways of water consuming management and its optimized use and said: " Waterscarcity is an international challenge. Getting decrease the precipitations, we have to think and plan for correction of water use and the ways for saving it. Iranian companies can have cooperation with Brazilian's. Today, we visited the activities of the companies have the technology of producing and refining water. They have done great jobs."

At the end, the Itaipo Company's representative explained about the high technology of water consuming and optimized use of industrial and agricultural wastes and said: "We have to consider water a very valuable resource and pay attention to its use. Not only environmental use of water, but using water wastes should be correct and with modern technology."

It is worth mentioning that the technology companies active in the field of energy such as Tiam Parsi Passargad, Behin Ab Zendehroud, Kavosh San'at Toos, Tozin Electric, Avecina, Pars Pouyesh Fanavar, Tarahan Tajhiz Sanati Pishgaman, and Tam Locomotive Arya gave reports of their achievements and abilities in this field. They also presented some suggestions for effective interaction and synergy between innovators and technologists of the two countries.

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