The 1st Iranian Solar Inverter unveiled

0 Apr 15 2019 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

The 1st Iranian Solar Inverter connected to the single-phase network was built and unveiled by one of the member companies of Paris Technology Park.

As reported by the Public Relations Dept. of Pardis Technology Park, this product, which has been designed and manufactured by Tavan Pajouhan Fanavar Pasargad Engineering Company, was unveiled concurrently with the 11thInternational Exhibition of Renewable Energies, Efficiency and Energy Saving.

Mr. Ahmad Nikravesh, the Chair of the Board of Directors of this Company, said about the applications of this product, "Inverters are one of the major components of solar plants, who are able to convert the input power created by the solar panels into urban electricity; and now by the manufacture of this product, in addition to easy monitoring, we will be able to observe the records of energy injection as well as the momentary power of the inverters and the panels.”

He asserted that, "Several countries have manufactured this product as a substitute for fossil fuels, but until now, we have been the importer of this product in Iran, and this is, however, the first time that such inverters are being localized according to the international standards and confirmations of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA).”

In response to a question asking him, "Who are the potential users of this product from among different organizations or individuals?”, Nikravesh answered, "In addition to energy producing companies and electricity generation plants, the end users of this product, who are known to be the home plants, are all the people especially those living in the deprived and remote areas. The government, also, has special plans to have those people generate energy, and then purchase the reserved the energy from them so that by so doing, they can make money.” He further added, "This part of the project is attractive for them and also lets them make good money.”


On the exports of this product, Nikravesh said that "This product will go into mass production in June next year and it will be available for everyone in the local market. We have taken some measures for the exports of this product, but we believe that the export market of a special product first passes through the local market; so, we need to focus on the local market at the first instance.”

As his final words, the chair of the board of directors of this company referred to the local potentials in the field of solar energy and said, "The market for solar energy in Iran is a big and pure one and with regard to the special climate of our country, there exist several potentials for this field, and the government can exploit this local potential with appropriate planning and paying more attention to the local production.”

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