The 3rd Round of Swimming Matches of Pardis Technology Park

0 Nov 13 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

The 3rd round of the swimming competitions of Pardis Technology Park was held with the purpose of propagating public sport culture and with the attendance of twenty participants in two different age groups of the youth and the middle-aged from seven companies in the swimming pool of the Technology Tower.

This competition, planned in a free-style manner and in two primary and final stages, was scheduled to be held in three pool lengths for the participants younger than 40, and two pool lengths for those older than 40 years old; Pardis Technology Park Public Relations Dept. reported.

Finally, in the middle-aged group, Mr. Fardin Pourvajdi and Mr. Ali Sedigh placed 1st and 2nd with 32.34 and 37.40 winning times, respectively, both from Tehran Energy Consultants, and Mr. Nasrollah Moti ranked 3rd by recording 49.47 seconds from Pardis Technology Park Staff Dept.

On the other side and in the youth age group where a tight competition was going on, Mr. Pouya Imanfar and Mr. Amir Keshavarz obtained the 1st and the 2nd ranks having recorded 28.82 and 29.20 seconds in respect, both from Fanap Company, and Mr. Hamid Mohebi couldn’t receive any place better than 3rd by recording 31.96 seconds from High Technology Development Fund.

From among the highlights of this round of competitions we can refer to the close and spectacular contest among the participants as well as their awesome physical preparedness, absence of the champions of the previous round of competitions in two different age groups, and the loss of championship by Mr. Iman Mohammadi from Sobhan Company because of his fault (passing the line) despite recording a better winning time compared to the other competitors.

After the competition, the winners were granted cash awards and golden statues in a ceremony held with the presence of the Managers of Pardis Technology Park and the participants inside the swimming hall.

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