The 6th Running Competition of Pardis Technology Park was held

0 Jun 12 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

As reported by Pardis Tech Park Public Relations Dept., this competition was held with 75 participants from among the personnel of the member companies in a 1,800m distance, and in two age groups of under-40-year-old and above-40-year-old participants on the north-south direction of the Park. The competition came to an end with Mr. Keivan Hashemi, from Safir Abi Aram Company, winning the match by breaking the record with 5 minutes and 15 seconds period. Mr. Mohammad Toulabi and Mr. Abbas Ahmadi could gain the 2nd and the 3rdranks respectively from Safir Abir Aram and Ertebatat Salam Mehr Novin companies.

In the age group of above-40-year-old participants, Mr. Abootaleb Sharifnataj from Sina Cell Co. could win the completion like the previous year, and Mr. Nasrollah Moti and Mr. Daryoush Rezaei from Pardis Tech Park Staff Dept. and No Tarkib Sobhan Co., respectively, could win the 2nd and 3rd places.

The closing ceremony was held with the presence of Mr. Gahraeian, the technical and executive deputy, Mr. Navid, the Manager of Security Dept., Mr. Kheradnia, the Consultant of the Park’s Manager and Mr. Khanmohammadi, the executive manager of Pars Online, and the supports of Gosan Pars Co. the applauding spectators were all appreciated. In this ceremony, the champions were given memorials as well as cash prizes, and in the end, 3 top champions from among the 20 winners of the competition were given valuable prizes.

For more information on the cultural and sports programs of Pardis Tech Park, please visit us at @techsport on Soroush and Eitaa social networking applications.

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