The Achievement of one of the Members of Pardis Technology Park in reducing the severity of diseases

0 Dec 22 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

The history of using amniotic membrane in research and treatment specifically falls back to more than one hundred years ago. This biological substance, disposed as a bio-waste, has consolidated its role in restoration medicine. From among the characteristics of amniotic membrane we can refer to being rich in growth factor, anti-microbial properties, reduction of infections on the wound spot and anti-inflammatory properties in order to prevent the formation of eschar following the restoration of the wounds. In addition, the anti-inflammatory property of this dressing reduces the pain in the wound spot. Amniotic membrane creates a suitable matrix for the migration and proliferation of cells. This biological substance has a low level of immunization. So, it is not rejected by the recipient’s immune system and its graft (transplantation) is easily accepted. It provides the tissues with a bio-barrier, and it is processed based on the international standards’ instructions in a totally sterile environment and in cleanrooms.

This membrane has many usages. Treatment of chronic and acute ulcers, eye and general surgeries, dentistry and chemical burns etc. can all be carried out by this membrane. Sina Cell Company, located in Pardis Technology Park, is the first company holding an official license for the production of stem cells, cartilage tissue engineering, amniotic membrane and fibroblasts, and it is also the producer of ALLO- STEMSIN and CELL- AMINIOSIN, which are useful in treating diabetic foot ulcer, bedsore, corneal surgery and gum diseases etc.
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