The Event A Happy Day was Held for the Second Time in Pardis Technology Park

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"A Happy Day with Family”, one of the periodic events of Pardis Technology Park, was held for the second time in order to gathering of staff and researchers’ families and getting more familiar with each other and the Park’s atmosphere.

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, the Park hosted a large number of employees and their families on April 21, 2017 to bring them a happy day.

After a couple of busy weeks in the New Year, it was the time for the staff families to spend their leisure time in a calm atmosphere on the pretext of visiting each other for the New Year.

Three movies "Midday Adventures”, "Three Strangers” and "Mobarak” were played free in 4 séances from 8 A.M to 18 P.M. Also those interested in astronomy could enjoy seeing the images of the space in planetarium got by NASA.

Scientific play, swimming pool for men, visiting "Fan Amooz Park”, using the Park sport facilities such as foosball, ping-pong, sports field, cycling and video games for families were the Park’s fun program that welcomed significantly by the participants.

There was also the possibility for the participants to go to the restaurants for eating food and drinking beverages.

One of the staff’s spouse who came to the Park along with her two children said about the programs: "this is the second time we attend "A Happy Day with Family”. In my view the programs execution quality and diversity of entertainments got better rather than previous round. Also, the movies played were much more appropriate for children.”

One of the other staff who came to watch a movie with his spouse and daughter said about the program: "Spring and summer are the best seasons for such fun events. These programs are truly effective in increasing satisfaction of staff, since we work all the week and prefer to rest at home on the weekends because of the high costs of going out and recreation.

Such events help us to watch movie, do sport and spend nice moments together, meanwhile the families get familiar with the Park’s beautiful environment.
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