The Event of Demo Tourism Start-up was Held

1 Sep 06 2017 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

Iran National Technomarket Center held its fourth demo start-up event in the field of tourism by the participation of specialized investors and tourism start-ups as investees, at Iran Chamber of Commerce (ICCIMA).

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, the event's aim was to raise funds for tourism start-ups and development of the country's innovations ecosystem that was held around the four axis of virtual tourism, tourism and leisure, tourism and handicrafts, and tourism and accommodation. Representatives from the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, the Advisory Forum of the Country's Provinces Development, theMinistry of Industry, Mines and Business, International Healthcare Development Association, Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism Organization (ICHTO), ICCIMA's Tourism Commission, the Science and Culture Institution for Tourism, and more than 20 private sector investors attended this event which was divided into two parts; the presentation of 8 events and B2B meetings.

At the start of the program, Asghar Ahmadi, the head of ICCIMA's Commission for Sport and Art Economics and Tourism, appreciated the uninterrupted follow-ups of the event's founders and stated: "Before we begin, we intend to announce our readiness for any kind of support of this industry's activists, with all the power and facilities available to us, so that we will achieve the great goal of developing the tourism industry."

In the following, he mentioned the status of entrepreneurship in Iran and said: "According to the Global Entrepreneurship Observer in 2016, Iran is ranked 85th among 130 countries. In terms of the development of the start-ups in Iran, there is a situation like developed countries such as China and Australia. These have positive meanings for the development and progress of Iranian start-ups."

Asghari reiterated: "Today, one of the best ways for employment of young educated people is the formation of knowledge-based companies and start-ups."

He also added: "Relying on technical knowledge in recent years, we have been distracting from the oil economy. More than 2700 knowledge-based companies are active in the country that have created 100'000 direct job vacancies in last years. And with this increasing growth rate, more than 220'000 are expected to enter the job market through these start-ups by the end of the current year."

The head of ICCIMA's Commission for Sport and Art Economics and Tourism mentioned the fullest use of the startups' power and said: "Using start-ups' power will lead to small businesses' space being improved, investment amount being increased, creative staff being employed, and supplementary activities being developed."

At the end, Asghari pointed to the potentials of this industry for creating specialized tourism start-ups and said: "Today, our people welcome cyber media, cell phone applications and web-based systems, so much. Therefore, we have to try to use this advantage in the tourism industry, as well."

He clarified: "Tourism industry can have a high contribution to the development of these businesses in the country's national development trend because it is, intrinsically, beyond the government's sectors and its subjects are attractive. In accordance with supporting tourism industry businesses, ICCIMA's Commission for Tourism has held this professional meeting and we hope to get positive results from this event."

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