The First Event of New Competition in Polymer and Plastic Industries

0 Dec 22 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

Iran National Technomart intends to hold a series of events with the collaboration of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mine and Agriculture of Tehran titled "New Competition” as a sub-branch to Noafarin program and with the purpose of attracting capital and developing the knowledge enterprises’ market.

As reported by Pardis Technology Park Public Relations Dept., in the beginning of this event, Ali Akbarian, the Secretary of Iran National Technomart Network, made remarks on holding such an event in our country and said, "This event, each time, takes place in a certain specialized field, and accordingly, the competent tech companies and knowledge-based enterprises will attend the event after undergoing a couple of evaluation stages. The elect companies will then present their capabilities to the investors and the craftsmen, which will consequently set the scene for further investment associations and market development. The evaluation indexes of companies include production ability, competition ability, need and market capacity etc. and having the records of production and sales by the companies is the minimum prerequisite for attending the event.

Afterward, Ms. (Dr.) Moghimi, the member of the presiding board of Tehran Chamber of Commerce as well as the Chair of the National Association of Iran’s Businesswomen underlined the impact of this program in creating new job vacancies and said, "In this program, experts will gather together once a month and we intend to direct the creation of job vacancies and employment for the youth, industries and the future the best way possible.”

She further added, "Today’s world is not looking for producing raw materials that result in the production of physical products; however, it looks forward to improve businesses that are more likely to create new jobs in the society by providing information, conduction, investigating and classifying the registered inventions.”

Mr. Omid Hashemi, the manager of new businesses of the Chamber of Commerce, said, "Part of this program is related to technology development, and the other part is for market development.”

Further on, he enumerated the useful activity and effectivity of technology parks concerning the development of innovations in the country and said, "during the past two decades that technology parks have been formed, we have been able to see a substantial development in technologies and several facilities have been ratified for them in the legislation system. Right now, there are several companies in the fields of technology and high techs; however, there still seem to be weaknesses in the 2nd perspective, which is the market development.”

"in developing the market, we have only been able to offer one tenth of the required services. We already have such active companies who are much too efficient in technologies, but they have weaknesses in the market, and this where Technomart, as a professional mediator, provides the high tech customers with exclusive services”, he continued.

Mr. Hasemi stated that, "our principal agenda is to assist tech companies in offering their products to the market, and the 2nd issue is the exchange of technology, where more than 80% of our companies are small businesses or perhaps they are working on the edge of technology and no good interaction has been established among them. Our mission is to establish this interaction among these companies. The 3rd issue is investment. For instance, there is an inventor who is looking forward to a capital. This is what Technomart has taken into consideration and has plans for. This event, which is the very first program in this special field, creates an atmosphere to encounter investors with investment receivers.

It is noteworthy that in this program Ms. Fatemeh Parcheh Bafi, Fatemeh Saghatchi, Mohammad Ghaliani, Shahram Fadaeian, Tahereh Parhizkari, Elham Sagahfi and Erfan Heidari gave presentations on Hygienic Super Absorption and Acrylic Acid, organic and inorganic nanoparticles production, eyeglasses lens raw and scored black, production of an extract containing Tannin from pistachio skin, Graphene Oxide, Penicillin glass bottles and the blood tube caps, and natural products for the maintenance of leather, respectively. In the end, B2B meetings were held and several memonrandum of agreements were closed.
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