The Islamic Republic of Iran Railways Equipped with an Iranian Smart Control System

0 Aug 23 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

One of the scholars of Pardis Technology Park announced that "all our effort is to equip the entire railways of the country with the Iranian Smart Control System.”

Mr. Gholamhossein Jafarinasabian, the Managing Director of Nazer Farzan Co., referring to the records of this company in the field of railway smart control system said, "This Technology Company was founded in 1997 and since then has been mainly active in railway smart control systems” Pardis Technology Park Public Relations Dept. reported.

He further added, "The trains’ movement system has nowadays been secured with smart control systems. This system can be used in interurban trains and metros, by which we can monitor the wagons and the trains in general.”

He said, "In fact, Nazer Farzan Co. is the second local manufacturer of smart control systems in Iran, whose practice has been certified by the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways as well as Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Company.” having referred to the binary use of smart control systems in metro or railway network, Mr. Jafarinasabian added, "We could successfully apply and test this system in Jamkaran station, and we will officially operate the system within a month. It is notable the system has been previously operated in Shahr-e Aftab station.”

"We intend to implement this system in 8 other train stations in the western railways of the country. According to the plans, we hope we can complete the project in three years, and in case of advocates on the side of the competent authorities and organizations, this optimization will be expanded nationwide. By equipping the railways of the nation with this system, the safety factor of the national rail trips will increase to a large extent”, said Mr. Jafarinasabian.

About smartizing the old railways of the country, Mr. Jafarinasabian said that "We attempt to apply this local smartizing procedure on the entire railway system of the country.”

The Managing Director of Nazer Farzan Co. referred to the performance of smart control system in the railway system and said, "In Tehran’s Metro network, this system has been only devised in Shahr-e Aftab station, which was first operated coincided with Tehran International Book Fair 2017, where the trains would intelligently enter and exit the station.”

Enumerating the international standards in this particular field, Mr. Jafarinasabian mentioned that, "Railway standards are granted so strictly; however, the system designed by the company is fully in conformity with CENELEC European Standard and has a high level of safety and security. In order to receive further standard certificates we are currently contacting with some popular international companies, and we will receive the SIL4 Standard as well within the coming 2 years.”

As the final words, he said, "This Company has been able to attract, train and recruit around 1000 experts and elite in the field of software and hardware nationwide in the past 20 years.”
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