The Meeting of Mustafa pbuh Ambassadors with the Students of the Islamic World

0 Oct 08 2017 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, the meeting was held today morning at Pardis Technology Park by the presence of students from Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Australia, Ethiopia, Ghana and Serbia.

At the beginning, Mahdi Saffarinia, the secretary of the Mustafa Award's Policy Council and the president of Pardis Technology Park while welcoming the students of the Islamic world said: "Technology parks are scientific towns in some way, at where research and technology institutions work. There are many of these parks in many countries.”

In the following, the president of Pardis Technology Park stated: "Pardis Technology Park is working for about 15 years, where more than 200 technology companies are working in the fields of science and technology.”

In another part of his remarks, he mentioned one of the projects being held at Pardis Technology Park and said: "You, the students of the Islamic world, are getting familiar today with another part of the park's activities titled "Mustafa Award". Several activities have been taken place at the level of students, universities' students and scholars of the Islamic world.”

In the following, Aminreza Khaleghian, PTP's Director General of Communications and International Affairs said: "Pardis Technology Park is a complex to which you, the students of the Islamic world, can think as an option for your future job position.”

Hossein Ahmadi, the International Affairs deputy of the Presidential Center for Technology and Innovation said: "in Iran, various complexes and centers are active in the fields of science and technology. More than 3000 knowledge-based companies are active in Iran that are being helped to enter internal and international markets.”

He continued: "Iran has published the most articles in the field of technology and our ranking in nanotechnology has reached 6thplace in 2016.”

S. Ali Omrani, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Mustafa Award pointed out the role of scientific awards in the world for development of science and technology and said: "The creation of a collaborative network is one of the most important aims of scientific awards in the world, and the prize is awarded only to people who have done a significant work.”

Chairman of the Executive Committee of Mustafa Award continued: "The prospect of the Mustafa Award is to promote the level of security, peace, prosperity and health of the human community, and the mission of this award is to develop science and technology in the member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation."

He stated: "The Mustafa Award is proud to benefit from various persons of the Islamic world at its policy council.”

Omrani said: "Seven international referees will judge the selected works of the Mustafa Award, which will be introduced to the public and should have a major impact on human life.”

He pointed out: "The funding of the Mustafa Award is being done through science and technology endowment.”

Also, in the afternoon, a meeting called "Consultation for Advancement" was held with Q&A section, in which the students investigated how to improve their interaction with the universities and scientific centers of Islamic countries.

It is worth mentioning that the series of meetings of Mustafa (PBUH) Award's ambassadors is held with aims such as introducing Mustafa Award activities to the scientific society, the development of science and technology in the Islamic world, studying the effective utilization of the scientific network of the Islamic world's scholars by scientific assemblies, and establishing a relationship between young researchers and students of scientific communities with prominent Muslim scholars.
Edited On : Dec 30 2017

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