The Second Round of Technology Transfer Award for Islamic Developing Countries

0 Oct 12 2017 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

The 2nd round of Technology Transfer Award for D-8 countries is awarded at the meeting of D-8 countries’ heads.

According to the Public Relations Department of D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network ( TTEN), quoting the secretary of the network, the president of Pardis Technology Park said about the 2nd round of award for the best technology transfer contract of D-8: "the 2nd round of technology transfer award would be granted to the best technology transfer contract concluded in 2016 among D-8 and the OIC member countries, at the meeting of D-8 heads.”

Mahdi Saffarinia, stated about the contracts nominated for the award: "announcement of the call and information of the award have been accomplished by the TTEN secretariat among the TTEN representatives in D-8 countries, related organizations in the countries, technology parks and technology companies of the countries. Several candidates are in refereeing phase, and the deadline for the nomination for this award is until September 27, 2017.”

The secretary of D-8 TTEN expressed about the award ceremony: "according to the talks with D-8 secretariat, the 2nd round award will be awarded at D-8 heads meeting which is held in Istanbul, Turkey, on October 17-21, 2017, with the participation of the 8 countries’ presidents and the foreign ministers.”

Saffarinia said about the 1st round of the award: "the 1st round of the award was dedicated for contracts concluded in 2015. After evaluating the contracts received from 8 countries, the award was dedicated to the contract for transferring technology from Iran’s ArioGen Company to Malaysian Inno Bio Ventures Company and was awarded at the meeting of the D-8 Commerce Chambers held in Izmir, Turkey, last year.”

It is worth noting that technology company from D-8 and OIC member countries can register for the 2nd round of the award through the website .

Technology transfer contracts which were concluded between technology companies from D-8 members or other Islamic countries in 2016, and their subjects are transferring technology and exchanging technical knowledge for producing technological products have general terms to be nominated for winning the award.

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