The Startup Demo for Health and Environment was Held

0 Oct 12 2017 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

Iran National Techmarket Center held the 5th startup demo with an investment approach and with the aim of fund raising for startups, this time in the field of health and environment at Sharif University of Technology.

According to the Public Relations Department of Pardis Technology Park, after holding the startup demo for tourism at the Iranian Chamber of Commerce in August 2017, Iran National Techmarket Center held the startup demo by the supports of Pardis Technology Park and in partnership with Sharif University of Technology in order to attract funds for startups and development of innovation ecosystem, at Kharazmi Hall of Computer Faculty of Sharif University of Technology, at which 25 investors attended and 8 top ideas were presented.

Akbar Ghabnbarpour, head of the Iranian National Techmarket Center, stated at the beginning of the event: "this event is held with the participation of specialist investors in this field and 8 startups active in the field of health and environment as investees. After announcing a call for ideas, we received 32 startups' requests. After reviewing received request at the first level, 14 startups were selected for the trial presentation.In the second step, after presentations of teams which were evaluated by experts, 8 final startups were selected that are presented today.

He said about the event targets: "the approaches of the event are investment, direct encountering and face-to-face negotiation between startups and investors which is held in two parts; public (presentation of startups) and private (meetings of startups and investors)

He also reiterated: "one of the most important concerns of the Iran National Techmarket Center, as a center for the development of the country’s innovation and technology market, is to conduct the capital available in the country toward innovation and technology. Therefore, it holds various programs and events in different fields and form.”

Ghanbarpour said about the importance of the event: "one of the gaps in the country’s innovation and startup ecosystem is the lack of opportunity for attracting capital. Startup Demo event is trying to provide the opportunity for startup companies to be investee, on one hand, and for the investors to investigate the companies which have the capacity and are ready for investment, on the other hand.”

It is worth mentioning that Iran National Techmarket Center has created a new business environment in the country that has never existed in the Iranian market. This is the 5th startup demo event that is held by this center and is welcomed by investors rather than previous round. As a result of startup demo event, 3 contracts have been concluded, by now. 8 startups that could be presented in this event are: Compozist, Houshmand Kohan, Akharin Nafas, Yarigar Rastin, Anino, Mibarim, Simiarum, and Mobin Tarh, as well.

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