The Startup Event was held with the Real Taste

0 Aug 23 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

LEGALTECH was an event held with the approach of thinking new ideas in social, cultural and legal areas and with the aim of entrepreneurship for 3 days in Pardis Technology Park.

Mr. Ali Panirian, the Managing Director of Yas Innovation Center, said that "The goal we are attempting to achieve by holding this event is to pay more attention to the social problems of the people in the society.”

Referring to the daily conflicts people encounter and those they are not able to resolve in everyday life, Mr. Panirian explained, "Since people do not have enough knowledge on legal areas, as a result, they face with different problems they are not able to resolve. Of course, some of these problems are common among the people. On the other hand, there are also people who can solve these problems, so we want to create an interface environment or some may say a platform to face up these two groups of people with each other.”

Mr. Panirian also mentioned that "A familiarization procedure was first adopted in order to achieve this goal in this three-day event. Afterward, the teams were specified and new ideas were thought of, and as soon as the teams were completed, a group of training workshops was held with the view of maturing the ideas. In the end, the ideas were presented and the jury analyzed the results.”

Having mentioned that it was the first time that training courses were held in the areas of politics, society and culture in LEGALTECH event, the Managing Director of Yas Innovation Center asserted that, "All those teams whose scores have reached the quid pro quo entered into the incubation course of Yas Innovation Center, where they can get used of all the facilities and benefits in order to turn into a complete startup.”

In terms of fundraising, Mr. Panirian said that "High Technology Development Fund is determined to support the selected teams. In so doing, the teams will have a primary investor, and then Yas Innovation Center and Simorgh Incubator will give assistance to the selected teams having a network of investors.”
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