The Supportive Measures of Pardis Technology Park for the Member Companies were published

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In order to create a sustainable structure and with the purpose of supporting the commercialization process of the member companies’ products and based on their general and specialized requirements, Pardis Technology Park has brought forth the "By-Law of Making Use of the Benefits & Supports of the Park”. The member companies are able to take the appropriate measures, based on the following table, in order to enjoy the 21 supportive titles defined in the mentioned By-Law.

Being responsible for controlling and supervising the good execution of the by-law, the Commercialization and Technology Services Center of Pardis Technology Park is prepared to receive your constructive criticism, suggestions and opinions through phone No.: +982176250250, extension (4332).

The List of Examples Included in the By-Law is as follows:

List of Supports:

1- To support higher education students’ dissertations aimed at resolving the specialized requirements,

2- To support university students’ co-op courses,

3- To support the conclusion of research-based contracts of the member companies with the natural and corporate figures,

4- To support joint research projects among the member companies of the Park,

5- To provide assistance in prototyping the research findings with the purpose of commercialization,

6- To support national patent,

7- To support international patent,

8- To support trademark registration inside the country,

9- To support trademark registration abroad,

10- To support preparing Feasibility Study (FS) and Business Plan (BS) in order to take advantage of the financial facilities and the investors,

11- To support obtaining national standards, confirmations and certificates,

12- To support getting international standards, certificates and licenses,

13- To support national business exhibitions’ attendance,

14- To support for the dispatch of business delegations to foreign technology tours,

15- To support the presence at international exhibitions,

16- To take advantage of the advertisement opportunities of the Park,

17- To support principal meetings and conferences and to get use of the Park’s conference halls,

18- To support for the implementation of financial and accounting systems,

19- To support attending training courses held by the Park,

20- To support getting use of consultation services on plans’ commercialization,

21- To support the creation of productive companies (Spin-Off);

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