The Tea Meeting of the Managing Directors of the Member Companies

0 Aug 23 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

Holding unofficial ceremonies and programs in the big organizations can always result in further interaction and cooperation of the members. This is a task which has been happening for years among the Managers of the companies located in Pardis Technology Park under the tile of Tea Meeting. In addition to accumulating new ideas, creativities and innovations on the side of the managers, these meetings lead to an exchange of experience and finding solutions to different areas.

As reported by Pardis Technology Park, the Tea Meeting which takes place every season and completely away from any special protocol, was this time held on a hot summer day in Mordad hosted by Shezan Company. More than 50 managers from the companies and the staff of Pardis Technology Park participated in this meeting, which enabled the participants to express their opinions before the staff authorities besides expanding relations and interactions with different member groups.

This event, which was held in a totally non-working atmosphere, was the ground for friendly chit-chats besides shedding light on the important and challenging issues as well as the future objectives of the Park. Alongside such friendly events, the required continuum for enhancing information and collaboration will be established.
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