The UNICEF Representative Visit from Pardis Technology Park

0 Aug 23 2018 In بین‌المللی توسط بین الملل

After holding the introduction meeting of the representative of UNICEF in Iran with Pardis Technology Park, which took place with the presence of the Head of the Park, having paid a visit to the park, the guests discussed the future objectives and schedules of the complex, among others, can be referred to the cooperation in holding INOTEX Exhibition and the side programs of Mustafa Prize (PBUH) with the approach of attracting those elite engaged with the scope of activities of UNICEF.

"UNICEF has got innovative plans for children in some 40 countries across the world, and I am glad to see such innovative activities taking place in the Iranian companies”, said Mr. Will Parx, the representative of UNICEF in Iran, Pardis Technology Park Public Relations Dept. reported.

He further added, "I have dreams for the Technology and Innovation Ecosystem and resolution of the business problems for social issues to become true, and Iran can be an outstanding and successful sample in the region having valuable solutions for solving the children problems.”

"This Organization (UNICEF) is already in contact with the private sectors of 190 countries, and is also engaged in charity affairs with the hospitals and schools”, continued Mr. Will Parks.

He added, "It’s about 70 years that UNICEF is active in Iran and meanwhile, we have been able to enter into cooperation with 14 ministries, and our next step will be establishing collaborations with the Vice Presidency for Science & Technology, so that we can witness further positive steps toward the wellbeing of the Iranian Children.”

Regarding the objectives to be followed in Iran, the representative of UNICEF enumerated that, "supporting innovation and creating think tanks for children and establishing Children Innovative Fund is among the most important programs of this authority in Iran.”

Mr. (Eng.) Safarinia, the Head of Pardis Technology park, referred to the student programs of the Park and said, "establishing skill training parks in different cities of Iran has been among our major activities, and now we can honorably say that the latter has been founded for the students in some 20 cities, which is regarded as an approach for a closer relationship of the students with different sciences.” He further added. "Pardis Technology Park has many special plans for the growth and manifestation of creativity among the students and we are fully prepared to share these experience with other countries.”

"Noor Competition is another item included in Mustafa Prize (PBUH) in the field of student programs, which has been put into practice for developing scientific creativities among the students”, said the Head of Pardis Technology Park as his final words.

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